What is B2B Demand Generation?

(Watch Time – 90 Seconds)


In this video we answer the question, what is B2B demand generation? We explain the goal and purpose of both a lead generation process and a demand generation process and how working together these two processes can produce well educated buyer ready for sales.



What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of executing marketing campaigns to generate awareness for your solution.

What is the Goal of Lead Generation?

The goal of Lead Gen is to provide buyers with a basic understanding of the problems you solve and to spark curiosity about your solution so potential buyers want to learn more and become leads. Leads can be generated with multiple tactics, and the primary goal of these tactics is to collect contact information and basic data about a buyer’s interest, to create a database of potential buyers for your solution that can be developed into sales opportunities.

What is Demand Generation?

Demand Generation is a process that extends Lead Generation with the execution of sustained lead nurturing campaigns.

What is the Purpose of Demand Generation?

The goal of Demand Generation is to create well-educated pre-qualified buyers by using content to help buyers navigate the consideration and preference stage of their buyer’s journey.  Content helps buyers understand how your solution helps them solve their problems, so leads turn into marketing qualified leads. And then the seller continues to nurture these leads using content to get buyers excited about the benefits of their solution, so they become sales-ready leads.

What is the Goal of Demand Generation?

The goal of Demand Gen is to create a prioritized list of well-educated, pre-qualified sales-ready leads to increase your sales team’s productivity.