This blog looks at the purpose and function of landing pages and their importance as a B2B lead generation tool and touches on how you can leverage landing pages to find new prospects and close deals.   If this content is a little too basic for your needs we invite you to check out our B2B Demand Generation Blog Topic area or our B2B Demand Generation Knowledge Center.

Anytime a visitor reaches your website from an outside link, they have found a landing page.  Recent market research has shown that improving the quality and function of landing pages can be a low cost way to help companies improve prospect conversion rates and B2B demand generation efforts lead generation.  However,  as a top B2B demand generation company we have found that only attention grabbing, well-designed landing pages effectively find prospects and qualify leads.

When it comes to any type of professional or personal relationship, we generally accept the importance of making a good first impression.  If you want someone to buy something from you, this becomes absolutely crucial.  In this sense, landing pages can be compared to the many entrances to a Macy’s department store.  Regardless of what entrance you choose to walk in, Macy’s has a colorful or stylish visual display waiting to greet you.  When creating a landing page, you want to create the same effect.  You want to find the right balance between showing off your newest and most impressive goods and offering something for everyone.  Borrowing another tactic from a Macy’s entrance, you can offer multiple incentives or enticements on your landing page, which are aimed at motivating people to buy something.

It is also helpful to think of the people visiting your landing page like Macy’s customers.  Some Macy’s shoppers are simply there to look around, and do not plan on purchasing anything.  Others will not be your target audience, and some will have entered the store by mistake.  A few will be genuinely interested in a purchase, but are not yet ready to buy.   These are not the people you want to target when it comes to your landing pages.  The type of customer you are looking for is the one who walked into the store knowing what they were looking for and already has an intention to buy.  These are the customers you are most likely to persuade, because you have already determined they have an interest in your offering.

Another way Macy’s strategy can be applied to landing pages is with upkeep and customer service.  Macy’s constantly updates their store displays and product offerings, and offers their customers new discounts and deals.  Landing pages should be treated with the same constant care and be updated frequently to keep current with market needs.

While creating an effective landing page is key step in quality lead generation, it is not the only method available (other ways to generate leads are discussed here).  However, we recommend as an outsourced B2B demand gen company that well designed landing pages should not be underestimated as an easy and effective way to transition prospects to leads to qualified leads to customers.

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