Outsourced Marketing and Sales Operations Managed Services

Staff a team of sales, marketing and automation specialists to execute the day to day tasks of sales and marketing operations

Reliable Marketing, Sales and Revenue Operations Support

Stop Struggling with Technology and Daily Tasks to Focus on What Your Team Does Best

Empower your team to focus on strategy, design, analysis, growth, creative and the highest priority activities.

Let Gabriel Sales cost-effectively execute all the grinding day-to-day operations, repetitive tasks and consistent activities required for marketing and sales operations success.

Gabriel Sales will help you:

  • Execute consistently
  • Execute with proven best practices
  • Maximize your technology investment
  • Improve campaign performance and increase results
  • Increase insights from your data, dashboards and reports

Experienced Marketing Operations, Tech Stack and Rev Ops Support

Salesforce & Automation Implementations

Technology Optimizations

Dashboards Created

Automated Campaigns

Scored Leads

Consistent Marketing and Sales Operations

 Tap into 20 years of proven sales & marketing operations expertise

Never worry about on time day-to-day execution again

Because we have worked in both sales and marketing functions, we can offer support solutions that improve the performance and technical execution of all the task required to move buyers through marketing funnel to your sales funnel on a daily basis. 

Most teams have great strategists, campaign designers and creatives. But through turnover or hiring challenges almost every team has at least one or two gaps on the support staff. Leveraging our marketing marketing and sales ops managed services gives you immediate redundancy, enables covering most capability or capcity gaps and provides access to proven best practices so you never have to worry about day-to-day performance again

We support almost every day-to-day, weekly or monthly task required for sales and marketing operations success!

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Content management and coding
  • Testing and monitoring
  • Database management
  • Data governance
  • Data hygiene
  • List segmenation
  • De-duplication
  • Software updates


  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Campaign workflows
  • Progressive profiling
  • Triggered campaigns
  • A/B split tests
  • Social posting
  • Linkedin outreach
  • Lead assignments
  • Lead conversions
  • Salesforce optimization
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales alerts
  • Prioritized lead lists
  • ROI and Campaign reporting
  • Lead transition processes
  • Conversion reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Forecasting & Dashboards


Proven and Trusted Marketing and Sales Operations Support

We maximize sales and marketing results for B2B companies of all shapes and sizes across multiple verticals

 Build a Fast, Affordable and Fully Managed Turnkey Team

All the Tactics, Talent, Tactics and Technology Expertise You Need

We work with your organization to understand your goals and your existing capabilities and capacity. Then we deploy blended teams of part time to full time resources from a wide range of skills, specialties and certifications. With our depth of B2B expertise and experience we can cover almost any gap required for immediate and long term sales and marketing operations success.- all at a fraction of costs and faster than recruiting, hiring and training a team on your own.

Senior Solution Strategists/Architects and Salesforce Certified Technologists

Executive Oversight & Senior Consultants

Responsible for overall success of your engagement. They collaborate with leadership to ensure your strategic objectives are met on time and on budget. They combine business experience and certified technical expertise to provide:

    • Project management
    • Strategic guidance
    • Best practices
    • Proven tactics
    • Analysis and Insights
    • Feature recommendations
    • Continuous improvements

Certified Salesforce Administrators

Our certified Salesforce Admins help you optimize your systems to maximize your technology investments. They translate your business objectives into technical solutions with a focus on:

    • Sale enablement
    • Workflow automation
    • Data governance
    • Feature utilization
    • Data management
    • Dashboards
    • Advanced reports
    • End user adoption

Account Enagagement (Pardot) Specialist

Our Certified Automation Specialists are responsible for implementing, configuring, and optimizing Account Engagement (Pardot) with proven best practices that reflect your strategy and goals. This includes:

    • Optimizing system features
    • Data governance
    • Automation workflows
    • Nurturing workflows
    • Campaign reporting
    • Marketing dashboards
    • Content attribution
    • Lead flows/conversions

Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Managers

This part time to full time resource takes care of the day-to-day execution of your Account Engagement campaigns and manages support staff as needed. They also manage the lead flow, data and insight in Salesforce to enable sales. Executes:

    • Targeting markets
    • Email copywriting
    • Email editing
    • Programing campaigns
    • Testing and quality control
    • A/B split tests
    • Automation workflows
    • Lead scoring models
    • Lead prioritization/alerts
    • Running reports
    • End user training
    • End user support

Content Management Specialists

Content managers supports the management, optimization and repurposing of content for specific campaigns and channels under the guidance of senior staff and marketing automation manager. Tasks:

    • Coding email templates
    • Sourcing images
    • Editing images
    • Producing images for social
    • Optimizing images for social
    • Video captioning SRT
    • Video management
    • Landing page builds/coding
    • Blog coding  

Social Media Coordinators

Our B2B social media specialists manage LinkedIn, X, Facebook & Instagram to align posting and support your automation campaigns to support additional brand awareness, lead engagement and social conversions.  Tasks:

    • Calendaring posts
    • Scheduled posting
    • Curating content
    • Optimizing messages
    • LinkedIn InMails
    • Metrics 

Database Managers & Analysis

Your data manager ensures the integrity, quality and value of data and data flows in your marketing tech stack including Salesforce, Account Engagement, and connected systems. Resulting in higher quality leads and accurate reports. Executes:

    • Initial segmentation
    • Data migration
    • Quality control
    • User permissions/Security
    • Data governance adherence
    • Cleansing/Hygiene
    • De-duplication
    • Systems field alignment
    • Data augmentation
    • Data analysis