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What is Modern Marketing  and Sales Outsourcing?

In this quick introductory video we provide a peak behind the curtain and quick summary of the tactics, team and technology required to generate a sustained flow of sales qualified leads. We touch on:

  • Targeting and Content Strategy
  • Team Required to Support
  • Technologies to Leverage
  • How to Measure for Success

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How to Make it Easier for Buyers to Buy

In this digital age, B2B buyers take more control of their purchasing journey, entering and exiting the sales pipeline at various points in the buying process. As a marketer, it’s important to know where they are in the journey, so you can speak to them appropriately. This 3:00 video breaks down the new buyer dominated world and how to sell to buyers the way they want to buy.

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What to Expect from Outsourced Sales and Marketing?

Calvin Wohlert is General Manager of an Energy Cost Management company that provides a wide-range of services including audits, metering and monitoring, software and managed services, and engineering consultation. This video explains how (from an executive’s point of view) what needs to occur for outsourced sales and marketing to produce a maximum ROI.

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Outsourced Marketing Strategies for New Product Launches

3:20 video that outlines new product launch sales strategies and tactics and how sales and marketing outsourcing amay be able to help you to perform and scales faster to stay ahead of the competition:

  • Increase Speed to Market
  • Increase Your Market Intelligence with Feedback Loops
  • Set Benchmarks
  • Implement Smarter and More Effective Sales Technology

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How to Leverage Email Marketing to Quickly Ramp a Sales Funnel

A quick 1:30 video with Gabriel Sales Founder and Database Strategist that gives you and overview of how outbound email marketing can quickly ramp your sales funnel and the steps involved.

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How to Use Outbound Marketing and Automation to Drive More Trade Show Leads

This quick overview presentation summarizes our Trade Show Marketing White Paper.  In it we explain how to maximize your existing Trade Shows to generate more leads:

  • Pre-show with smart email campaigns
  • Booth traffic with out bound marketing air cover
  • Post show with tight email marketing campaigns and pinpoint calling

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How Do You Approach Content Creation for Maximum Outbound Marketing Value

A short conversation with a Gabriel Sales VP of Strategy that discusses how to approach content creation to get the maximum value from your content production budget

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How is Demand Generation Different from Lead Generation

Only 10% of inbound leads are immediately ready for sales.  Demand generation is the integrated sales and marketing process that converts a lead from initial interest into a real sales opportunity.  This short video will define what demand generation is and how an outsourced marketing and sales company can help you design and execute a seamless process.

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