The ROI of Lead Nurturing Webinar

 Part 3 in our Digital First Transformation Series

The Investment Required for B2B Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing Success and the ROI You Can Expect

In The ROI of Lead Nurturing Webinar we will discuss the investment required to build a demand generation a lead nurturing engine. This lead nurturing webinar discusses the budget required to launch your engine including crafting a go-to-marketing strategy,  database acquisition, technology implementation and content production. We then detail the monthly budget to execute awareness campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns and sales automation campaigns. The webcast then shares the Return on Investment you can expect from a Digital First Process when compared to running lead generation campaigns and leveraging Sales Development Reps for pre-sales education. This ROI analysis includes both increased sales production as well as lowering your cost of sales. Finally we wrap up with how you can calculate your Return on Investment.

(Watch Time – 19:00 Minutes)

Topics Covered in The ROI of Lead Nurturing Webinar Include:

This session is broken into four detailed parts to help business owners understand the math in every area of their business and budget.  These areas include: Start Up Budget, Ongoing Monthly, Areas of ROI, and How to Calculate Your ROI.

The Budget Required to Launch a Successful Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing Engine

  • Crafting a Strategy
  • Database Aquations
  • Ad Budgets
  • Content Production
  • Automation Software Stack Implementation

Ongoing Monthly Budget  

  • Marketing and Sales Operations
  • Software
  • Additional Content Production

The Topline and Bottomline Areas Where You Can Expect and ROI (Especially with a Turnkey/Proven Solution)

  • Risk Reward vs. Historical Sales Development Rep Driven Process
  • Software
  • Increased Sales Production
  • Increased Revenue at Lower Cost

ROI Calculation

  • Pipeline Production
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased Revenue