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Is Salesforce being fully adopted by your Sale Team?  Are you struggling to build accurate forecasts?  Do you need help with Campaign Workflows? We can help.

After 20 years leveraging Salesforce and 12 years implementing Salesforce Account Engagement, our Certified Salesforce and Account Engagement instructors offer a wide variety of training, in a wide variety of formats to help your sales team, sales executives, marketing team and marketing executives take greater control of your technology, data and insights.

  • On-Demand Account Engagement Bootcamp
  • Salesforce Workshops
  • Account Engagement Workshops
  • Live Instructor Custom Training
  • Free Un-Gated Intro & Overview Video Tutorials
Salesforce Account Engagement Pardot Training

Introductory On-Demand Marketing Automation Training

With over 12 years working with Pardot,  and 100s of implementations under our belt, we can help marketers at all levels of experience learn how to get the most out of their marketing automation programs.

On-Demand Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Bootcamp

Created and presented by Carol Springer (Co-Founder of Gabriel Sales) a Certified Salesforce Consultant and 15 year Pardot veteran provides a crash course for any marketer or technologist that wants to learn how to implement and leverage Pardot with both best practices and confidence. 

This online training course was co-produced in partnership with Udemy to be the premiere starter course for marketers new to marketing automation and Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot). The course is organized in short, easy-to-use modules. You will learn:

  • The features Pardot offers
  • How Pardot integrates into Salesforce
  • How to capture and move leads to Salesforce
  • Create target lists
  • Build email campaigns 
  • Run automated nurture campaigns
  • Run dynamic nurture programs
  • Score leads with actions triggered in Salesforce

Student Reviews

I am a marketing manager who is new to Salesforce/Pardot/Account Engagement. I have been looking for a course to help me prepare campaigns and execute them well. I am so glad I found this one. It is thorough with great explanations and examples. A major lifesaver, the makers of this course are obviously very knowledgeable in this field.

This course is a good combination how-to and also the things to watch out for to not cause significant issues. I was particularly impressed with the amount of course reference materials and links to additional information. The section on reports brings it all together to understand results.

Carol’s delivery is clear and succinct. I’m finding it easy to follow along in my own Pardot account and understand what is being taught.

Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce Workshops

Live Online Instructor Led Training

 Certified Salesforce Consultants and Certified Pardot Specialists with 5 to 15 years of hands-on and frontline experience conduct these Instructor led trainings in specific areas. These sessions are designed to help both new and intermediate users get more from their technology stack and gain proficiency in the specific areas of training.

Account Engagement Data Management Best Practices

Background: The quality of the data in Account Engagement and Salesforce directly impacts the effectiveness of your sales team, marketing team and your ability to make smart decisions. This course will help you learn how to effectively manage data and correct past errors.

What you will learn: How to import new data into Account Engagement, audit existing data , sync data, and how to establish ongoing best practices that ensure data quality for …READ MORE

Duration:  3 hours

Marketing Attribution & Campaign Reporting

Background: Account Engagement’s campaign influence and campaign reporting capabilities are critical to measuring the success and impact of your efforts, steering strategy, making smarter decisions and maximizing your budget.  

What you will learn: In this workshop we will show you what’s possible, explain the tools available to help you track and measure campaigns more effectively…READ MORE

Duration:  3 hours

Introduction to Engagement Studio’s Capabilities

Background: Engagement Studio takes marketing automation and your sales funnel to the next level.  After attending this workshop, you will understand the multiples ways you can use your tech to enhance your buyer’s customer journey and how to launch your first program.

What you will learn: The options available to accelerate results including  – nurturing, personalization and event follow up. We then share best practice…READ MORE  

Duration:  3 hours

Data Governance for Account Engagement

Background: Clean imports, field alignment and standard data processes are critical to getting the most from Account Engagement and Salesforce. Proactively manage your database and build a unified view of your data to enable accurate reporting and better decisions.

What you will learn: How to import data into Account Engagement, audit existing data, sync data, and how to establish ongoing best practices for data quality …READ MORE

Duration:  2 hours

Customizing Salesforce for Sales Managers

Background: This training session is designed to empower Sales Managers, Directors and Executives with the ability to customize multiple Salesforce features on their own. This workshop will increase management’s visibility and help leaders to maximize their team’s daily activities. 

What you will learn: This workshop starts by explaining the difference between lead views and lead reports for visibility and management of your team’s.…READ MORE

Duration:  Two 90 minute sessions

Basic Salesforce Training for Business Development Reps

Background: Salesforce is a powerful tool when effectively used by reps on a daily basis. In this workshop BDRs will learn how to use Salesforce to optimize their time, prioritize their activities, track their progress, capture more information and increase their sales production.

What you will learn: How to navigate the system. How to create, manage and update leads. How to log information, capture and prioritize activities on a .…READ MORE

Duration:  Two 60 minute sessions

Master Your Technology Faster with Customized Private Training

When your team needs to learn how to use your tech stack quickly, a customized and private training program works fast. Our experienced certified Salesforce and Account Engagement (Pardot) Specialists can craft custom sessions to help your marketers, sales ops, sales reps and managers learn by doing, as we walk them through training designed around specific tasks and features.

This is the perfect solution for sales and marketing organizations that need to master their technology fast or need to get new hires on track quickly. 

  • Personalized to achieve your goals
  • 100% online
  • Videos and additional resources given during and after training 
  • Flexible 

Free Account Engagement (Pardot) and Saleforce Video Tutorials

Salesforce and Salesforce Account Engagement Pardot Training YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel Sales Tech by Gabriel Sales

Need to jog your memory on how to complete a certain task? Have you used other marketing automation and CRM tools in the past and want to get familiar with Salesforce and/or the features of Account Engagement (Pardot)?

We have created these short video tutorials and a free YouTube channel to help users get familiar with marketing automation, Account Engagement and Salesforce tasks. If you are just getting started, we recommend our Udemy OnDemand Basics Crash Course, workshops and/or private training.

Account Engagement (Pardot) Tutorials

Build & Send a List Email

How to Build and Send an Email with Account Engagement Pardot Video

(10 minutes)

What you will learn: How to use Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce to create a list email and build a custom email (with or without a template)

How to Build Forms

How to Build and Send an Email with Account Engagement Pardot Video

(7 minutes)

What you will learn: How to build forms in Account Engagement (Pardot) including – selecting fields & field types, managing completion actions and using tags.

Add Prospects to a Campaign

How to Build and Send an Email with Account Engagement Pardot Video

(5 minutes)

What you will learn: How to add a lead/prospect to a campaign using automation rules.

Salesforce Basic End-User Tutorials

Edit Reports in Salesforce

How to Build and Send an Email with Account Engagement Pardot Video

(6 minutes)

What you will learn: How to edit reports in Salesforce to quickly increase data visibility and help your sales team increase productivity.

Create a Lead in Salesforce

How to Build and Send an Email with Account Engagement Pardot Video

(2 minutes)

What you will learn: Sales reps will learn how to correctly add a new lead to Salesforce (if the lead is not already in the system).

Log a Call in Salesforce

How to Build and Send an Email with Account Engagement Pardot Video

(2 min 15 sec)

What you will learn: How to log calls accurately for better information recall, lead management and more accurate reporting.

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