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Customizing Salesforce for Sales Managers Workshop


This training session is designed to empower Sales Managers, Sales Directors and Sales Executives with the ability to customize multiple Salesforce features on their own.  We actively teach leadership how to customize lead views, opportunity views, sales sequences and build/customize reports and forecasts.  This workshop is designed to increase management’s visibility and help leadership to maximize their team’s daily activities.

What You Will Learn: This workshop starts by explaining the difference between lead views and lead reports for visibility and management of your team’s activity.  We then teach managers how to customize their page layouts to ensure data is captured and optimized for their specific sales process needs.  We then explain and teach them how to build forecasts. And we end the session with an overview of how automate processes for email follow up and calendaring to reduce the time spent managing data so reps can spend more time selling and converting.  

Who Should Attend: Managers and Sales Executives responsible for managing sales reps and producing sales results.  Sales operations and ambitious  sales reps

Duration:  Two 90 minute sessions

Instructor: Certified Salesforce Admin with Prior Front-line Sales and Sales Team Management Experience

Topics Covered:

Glossary of Terms

So you understand Salesforce’s vernacular

Views vs. Reports

  • Pros and Cons
  • How to Customize

Best Practice Views

  • Lead Views
  • Opportunity Views

Lead and Opportunity Page Layouts

  • Organizing the Page
  • Controlling Status/Stages

Best Practice Reports

  • Lead Reports
  • Opportunity Reports
  • How to Edit Reports

Building Forecasts

  • How to Build
  • How to Edit

Team Email Process

  • Multiple ways to approach
  • Best practice for your organization
  • Where to capture and access information
  • Reporting

Third Party Sequencing Tools

  • Salesloft and
  • How to mimic using Salesforce


  • Integration
  • Accessing Data


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