Audits and Optimization

Improve Salesforce, Account Engagement (Pardot) and Marketing Automation Performance

Salesforce and Account Engagement Audits + Optimization

Are You Maximizing Technology Investments? Do You Even Know What’s Possible?

Maybe settings were missed when implemented. Or end users have come and gone. Maybe systems are cluttered with legacy campaigns, sync errors & duplicates and you don’t know if you should trust your reports. Or maybe you just need a free preliminary health check to ensure you are using all the latest features. 

Our Team of Certified Professionals Can Help

Our team of seasoned Certified Salesforce Admins and Automation Specialists address these issues daily. Our audits will pinpoint what should be fixed and what can be enhanced to help you maximize your results.

Salesforce & Automation Implementations

Technology Optimizations

Dashboards Created

Automated Campaigns

Scored Leads

Craft a Road Map and Timeline for Success

Define Your Success Criteria

We meet with your team to understand your business, campaigns, sales process, sales cycle, team and goals you have for your technology.

Technology and Database Audit

Our team will conduct an audit of your marketing & sales technology use and database to identify potential issues and opportunities.

Results & Recommendations

We provide detailed list of opportunities with specific best practice recommendations. This includes:​

  • Red Flags
  • Unused / Underused Features
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Best practice workflows
  • Scope of each issue time & estimated budget
  • Benefits of resolution

Roadmap + Timeline

We provide a final road map, prioritized plan and budget to help you achieve your goals based on your feedback.

  • Quick fixes
  • Critical fixes
  • Training
  • Project management timeline​
  • Governance documents
  • Downstream recommendations

.  ​​

Kick Off Optimization

Our blended team of Salesforce, Pardot and database experts will implement to plan on time and on budget.  ​​

Maximize Your Budget with Optimized Technology Consulting

Realize the full potential of Salesforce and Account Engagement. Our Certified Salesforce Consultants turn your Roadmap into Reality. Here are just some of the tactics, task,  best practices and projects we can tackle to optimize your systems:

Provide and implement data integration rules and reccomendations

Improve workflow to attract and capture more leads

Recommend and align best practice custom fields for improved synchs

Profile and permission recommendations and best practices

Implement best practice nurturing workflows to increase “Sales Ready Leads”

Lead assigment rules and best practices

Set up lead scoring and grading  best practices

Set up triggered campaigns to convert more leads

Ensure the most advantageous features and integrations are being utilized

Engagement Studio (nurturing) best practices

Third party integrations best practices and recomendations

Increase automation to reduce repetitive tasks for increased time savings

Enable connected campaigns for real time reporting

Create dashboards and key reporting to monitor performance

Improve Salesforce views for increased sales production
Increase insights for improved decision making

List and Preference Center recommendations and best practices

Form and landing page templates and best practices

Email builder recommendations and template design best practices

Lifecycle tracking for increased attribution

Improve hand off from marketing to sales to enable sales with prioritized lead views

Daily Sales Activity reports and dashboards

Improve sales forecasting

Establish governance for consistent auditing 

Not Sure if a Full Audit Makes Sense?

Start with a Free Preliminary Health Check

Gabriel Sales offers complimentary Health Check with no strings attached. A certified professionals conducts a 30 to 60 minute session to understand where you are, where you want to be, and a survey of your existing implementations where we do a quick survey of:

  • Technical settings
  • Usage & limits
  • Features enabled
  • Synch errors & warnings

After the Health Check we provide our findings in a short graded benchmark report.  If we think we can help we also include a full audit proposal and/or additional recommendations.

Complimentary Services After Your Initial “Optimization” 

After your systems are dialed in we can continue to help your team improve your technology capaabilities and the capacity of your day-to-day marketing and sales operations.

Account Engagement (Pardot), Marketing Automation and Salesforce Training

Access our online courses or customized training to help your team learn how to leverage your systems and technology​

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Marketing & Sales Managed Services

Staff marketing, sales & automation specialists to execute the day-to-day of your marketing automation and database management​

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ROI Conversion Tracking, Custom Dashboards & Analytics

Leverage your systems to monitor your marketing performance, track your customer lifecycle, score attribution, analyze conversions and improve your forecasting​

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