Sales, Marketing and Marketing Automation Strategy Consulting

Experts help you go-to-market, automate sales, convert higher quality leads and enable sales & marketing with technology

Sales + Marketing  + Technology Strategy Consulting

We align marketing with sales operations

Gabriel Sales has a 20-year track record helping B2B companies serious about growth build scalable, repeatable, and predictable sales and marketing programs.  Our strategy consulting specializes in helping funded start ups, established small businesses and mid-market enterprises:

  • Craft go-to-market strategies for new products
  • Target markets and craft ABM tactics
  • Define messages and build content plans
  • Optimize your marketing automation
  • Launch and improve lead nurturing
  • Improve reporting and insights from tech stack

Our Strategic Orientation

We Align Marketing and Sales Operations to make it Easier for You to Sell and Easier for Your Buyers to Buy

Gabriel Sales helps you tell powerful sales stories to engage and develop buyers. We help you align sales and marketing with integrated messages/processes/plans to target and educate buyers. Our proven “buyer-centric” campaign strategies and content plans are engineered to systematically move buyers deeper into the sales funnel.  Campaigns and technology stacks are engineered by certified professionals to help sales and marketing organizations:

1 – Your target markets will discover, understand, desire and engage with your solution

2 – Marketing produces educated and prioritized leads ready to talk to sales

3 – You maximize your tech stack investment to produce the results & insights you need

Maximize Marketing and Sales Performance with Proven Experts

We focus on serving two different markets. We help funded start ups and established small businesses craft comprehensive go-to-market strategies and scalable marketing engines. We also specialize in helping mid-market and enterprise marketing companies with proven best practice strategies  to improve specific areas of their lead nurturing, lead scoring, reporting and marketing automation operations.

Fully Integrated Go-to-Market Consulting for Established SMBs and New Product Launches

Go-to-Market Strategy & Repeatable Marketing Engines

Gabriel Sales can help you bringing your solutions to market from start to finish. Our go-to-market consulting integrates all our consulting services in one engagement to helps private equity, venture capital backed and established small businesses scale faster and more effectively with proven experts and certified technology professionals.  These fully integrated consulting service involves defining your ideal customer, devising strategies for targeting these markets intelligently, crafting a compelling sales story and value proposition, developing a comprehensive message & content plan, and implementing a lead scoring strategy tailored to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

We then craft an execution plan.  This includes both initial awareness and lead nurturing campaign workflows that makes it easy for your buyers to buy.  Then we craft roadmaps to help you implement and/or optimize your CRM and Marketing Automation platform to achieve your desired goals and sales targets.

Discrete Consulting Projects to Improve Specific Gaps in Marketing & Sales Ops and Marketing Automation

Ideal Customer Profiles & Targeting Markets

We research markets to understand your ideal target market by vertical, market size and ideal customer profile.  We define who to target by industry and title. Then we provide both viability and costs estimates to targeting buyers through a variety of tactics/channels including: email marketing, social media channels, PPC and SEO marketing.

Sales Story, Value Propositions & Differentiators

We analyze your competitive landscape and define your buyer’s needs and pains.  We document your value proposition and differentiators. Then we craft a compelling story with messages that map to every stage of your buyer’s journey to create urgency and understanding of how your solution will solve their problems.

Lead Nurturing & Sales Automation Content Plans

Digital first education is now a requirement for B2B buyers.  After leads are generated, Gabriel Sales can help marketers take buyers deeper into the sales funnel by crafting strategies that automate the buyer’s journey, leveraging content to automate the early to mid stage sales process to make it easier for buyers to buy.

Salesforce & Marketing Automation Optimization

Our team of seasoned Certified Salesforce Admins and Automation Specialists conduct audits to pinpoint what should be fixed and what can be enhanced. Post audit we craft custom road maps to help you hit your defined goals, maximize your technology investment, improve your results, and enable sales best practice tools.

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 Sales Enablement, Lead Nurturing, Scoring & and Alerts

We help you stay top of mind, develop leads, prioritize leads and trigger alerts so your sales team never misses a sales ready opportunity. We help you craft proven lead nurturing campaign workflows to increase the quality of your leads. We score and grade leads to ensure a seamless hand off from sales to marketing.  We alert sales when buyers appear ready to buy.

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Custom Dashboards, Forecasts & ROI Reports

We understand what insights, reports and dashboards are important to your sales and marketing organization. We audit your data governance, tagging, field mapping  and third-party integrations to ensure you have the data you need.  Then we create a custom road map of what insights, reports and dashboard are possible to help make your team smarter.


The Digital First Transformation and How to Fill Your Sales Funnel with a Sustained Flow of Well Educated Sales Ready Leads

Learn How to Sell More Effectively

This Ebook explains the new needs of the new needs, desires and most importantly the sales expectations and buying process of most B2B Buyers. We then explain how your company can:

  • Design a marketing strategy to meet those needs
  • Align your sales and marketing operations
  • Create more demand for your solution
  • Effectively nurture early stage buyers
  • Automate your buyer’s pre-sales education
  • Predict when a lead is ready to buy
  • Sustain a flow of educated sales ready leads
  • Win more business and lower your cost of sales