Customer Success Stories

Customer Journeys with Marketing Automation Excellence

Account Engagement (Pardot) and Salesforce Consulting – Implementation & Optimization Case Studies

We help companies new to Marketing Automation and/or Salesforce get it right the first time. We specialize in optimizing tech stacks with proven best practices to ensure all our clients get the maximum value they deserve from their sales and marketing technologies.

Mid-Market Client – Building Materials Manufacturer

Account Engagement (Pardot) Optimization + Training and Transition

Gabriel Sales Optimizes Systems to Manage, Nurture and Distribute 10,000 inbound leads a month within 3 quarters and then trains Company’s team.

The Marketing Team and Salesforce Admin needed to optimize Account Engagement to support a National Sales Team of internal reps and distribution partners.

Technologies and Best Practices Leveraged:

  • Forms and Form Handlers
  • Salesforce Web-to-Lead
  • Triggers and Alerts
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Data Appends (ZoomInfo)
  • Lead Scoring and Grading
  • Lead Distribution
  • Data Governance
  • Custom Lead View
  • Email Templates
  • Drip Campaign Workflows

Mid-Market Client – Healthcare Software and Consulting

Quick-Start Account Engagement (Pardot) Implementation + Salesforce Optimization + Training and Transition

Gabriel Sales Launches Multiple Awareness and Lead Nurturing Campaigns and then Transitions in 150 Days

Post merger a CRO needed to launch a new sales and marketing operations tech stack to support integrated sales efforts.

Technologies and Best Practices Leveraged:

  • Salesforce
  • Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Email and Landing Page Templates
  • Lead Scoring & Grading
  • Lead Nurturing Workflows
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Calendly Integration
  • Podcast support 
  • Go-To-Webinar Integration

SMB Client – Engineering and Professional Services

Quick Start Salesforce Implementation + Training and Transition

Gabriel Sales Implements Salesforce and Transitions in less than 90 days

An engineering firm specialized in Circuit Board Design and electrical engineering with 100 employees serving companies across the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific needed Salesforce quickly to manage their growth and provide their Managing Partner greater visibility, control and ability to manage the sales process.

Technologies and Best Practices Leveraged:

  • Sales Tasks
  • Third-Party Email Systems
  • Account Views
  • Opportunity Views
  • Sales Activity Dashboards
  • Forecasting Dashboards
  • Conversion Dashboards
  • Automated Task Triggers

Marketing Automation Managed Services Case Studies

Discover how Gabriel Sales’ team of Certified Salesforce Administrators and Certified Account Engagement (Pardot) Consultants support successful marketing automation, content management, optimized sales ops and daily campaign execution to help businesses scale results as well as maximize their technology and marketing budgets.

Enterprise Client – Industrial Building Products Manufacturer

Gabriel Sales Helps Scale Company’s Marketing Automation Engine from 2 to 24 Campaigns to Produce 420 Sales Ready Leads

Marketing Team with over 50% market penetration needed to scale their demand generation and buyer education campaigns to increase volume of sales- ready leads.

Technologies and Best Practices Leveraged:

  • Salesforce
  • Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • GDPR Compliant Process
  • Lead Scoring
  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Attribution
  • ROI Tracking

Small Business Client – Software Compliance Training

Gabriel Sales Launches Multiple Awareness and Lead Nurturing Campaigns and then Transitions in 150 Days

Evangelist CEO needed more sales visibility, and two full-time content producers need to leverage content to produce more leads to support a four-person sales team.

Technologies and Best Practices Leveraged:

  • Salesforce
  • Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Go-To-Webinar
  • Buzzsprout
  • Wistia
  • Zoom Info
  • Calendly
  • Sales Activity Dashboard
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lead Scoring

Enterprise Client – Medical Device

Gabriel Sales Executes B2B Lead Nurturing and ABM Buyer Education Campaigns to Support Marketing and Salesforce Administration Team

Global Salesforce Admin team retained Gabriel Sales to support events to drive deeper engagement, product and company awareness and event attendance.

Technologies and Best Practices Leveraged:

  • Salesforce
  • Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Engagement Studios
  • Form Triggers
  • Personalized Workflows
  • GDPR Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • KPI Reporting
  • Campaign Reporting & Dashboards
  • Content Attribution
  • Content Creation
  • Tech and Process Scalability 

Turnkey Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing

Gabriel Sales created Digital Demand Center™ (DDC™) as an all-in-one solution designed specifically for smaller B2B sales organizations. DDC has been used by a variety of smaller sales organizations to grow sales faster and simultaneously leverage marketing automation to lower their cost of sales. Learn more below and/or check out our website dedicated to this solution at

Demand Gen and Lead Nurturing Case Study

Digital Demand Center Increases Qualified Leads by 100% and Reduces Sales Development Rep Headcount by 50%

Collective Goods brings world-class retail experiences with incredible prices to corporate workplaces, as an employee benefit that allows organizations to contribute to causes, they care about.


  • Selling to: Corporation with over 300 employees
  • Targeting: 18,000 HR Directors and Benefits Managers
  • Selling:   Benefit and Fund Raising Events
  • Deal Size: $8K to $20K in Annual Recurring Rev
  • Sales Cycle: 2 to 9 Months

Targeted Marketing & Lead Nurturing Case Study

DDC’s Lead Nurturing to Ideal Targets Helps Professional Services Company Double Growth 2 Years in a Row

PCO Bookkeepers is a privately held 20-year-old accounting and bookkeeping services firm. Founded by a sole proprietor, PCO Bookkeepers’ team of expert bookkeepers and accountants cater to the pest management and lawn care industry.


  • Selling to: Pest Control and Lawn Care Companies
  • Targeting: 6,000 Business Owners
  • Selling:  Accounting and Consulting Services
  • Deal Size: $12K to $40K in Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Sales Cycle: 3 to 18 Months

Turnkey Demand Gen Case Study

Digital Demand Center™ Targets 6K Ideal Buyers for Mobile App Software to Help Fuel 300% Growth with No Outside Investors

KipTraq is a mobile data collection platform that helps businesses collect data on their mobile devices and report on that data via the cloud. Any information usually captured in the field can be done faster by using KipTraq.


  • Selling to: Produce and Food Manufacturers
  • Targeting: 6,000 Operations Executives and Managers
  • Selling:  Mobile Application Software and BI Tools
  • Deal Size: $12K to $120K in Annual Recurring Rev
  • Sales Cycle: 3 to 9 Months