Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Studies


Gabriel Sales has helped Start Ups, SMBs and entrepreneurial business units from the Fortune 1000 launch new products and accelerate existing sales and marketing efforts since 1999.  We have worked with family owned, VC funded and publicly held enterprises across a wide variety of verticals.  We understand how to work towards hard sales goals and a variety of strategic goals including; new market penetration, new product launches. repeatable sales processes and overall business acquisition.  Our outsourced sales and marketing services are customized to all three of these success criteria within a wide range of budgets. Below is a cross section of just some of our different clients, approaches and success.


Fundraising Event and Retail Company

Gabriel Sales marketing and sales efforts consistently produces 20 sales opportunities every month.

Company was planning on increasing the size of the rep force by 25% and needed to increase the volume of deals for both existing reps and new territories. Company had no database or inside sales and marketing support team to generate new leads. Read More


Real Estate Developer

Gabriel Sale set 10 plus qualified appointments for Company’s team of sales reps. Contributing to 15M plus in sales over 18 months.

An eco-conscious real estate developer with extremely talented inbound and brand marketing executive and seasoned sales professionals needed marketing automation expertise and qualification of 250 plus inbound leads they were generating weekly. Read More

Supply Chain Services and Software Company

Gabriel Sales marketing engine produces 2 to 4 opportunities a month for company founder

A privately held professional service company developed a niche software for the seasonal manufacturing industry. Company needed to generate awareness and engage 20,000 decision makers at 6,000 companies. Read More


Network SaaS Security Company

Gabriel Sales sourced 11 deals in 6 months to double company’s number of clients.

A Series A startup was trying to be acquired or to fund next round. Company had 6 months to prove faster market penetration and also needed quick wins to increase valuation of the company. Gabriel Sales generated a wave of new leads mining companies existing database with callers and marketing automation tools. Company was acquired by CISCO. Read Now


Compliance Software Company

Company leveraged Trade Show eProspecting and Automation  to produce 22 meetings and $760,000K of sales pipeline in 120 days.

Gabriel Sales ran an outbound marketing campaign in parallel to an annual trade show. Gabriel Sales followed up with a marketing automation lead development campaign and appointment setters a to help company build awareness and launch a new product in the market pre and post show. Read More



Energy Management Consulting and Engineering Services

Gabriel Sales doubled deal flow and tripled revenue in first 18 months with Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Management Consulting and Industrial Engineering Professional firm spun out of Fortune 250. They successfully launched and then had flat sales for several years Company hired and fired several enterprise reps burning through $300K in sales investments with no results. They then hired Gabriel Sales to build modern and sales marketing and experience sustained growth. Read Now


Offshore BPO

Gabriel Sales generates a sustained flow of 2-4 opportunities quarterly for high six figure to million dollar sales opportunities

BPO services firm serving financial parted ways with 20 year sales partner. Company executives took over closing of the sale and needed a complete sales and marketing solution to generate and develop opportunities. Read Now


Enterprise Medical Software and Hardware

Gabriel Sales ramped sales funnel with 6000 new leads and resulting in 36 product demos in 90 days.

A company selling in the healthcare vertical needed the capability and capacity to build awareness and to generate leads for a new product launch. Gabriel Sales ran comprehensive outbound sales and marketing campaign anchored in an annual tradeshow to achieve both goals. Read More


Enterprise Software with Professional Services

Gabriel Sales generates 240 appointments, 56 opportunities and 5 enterprise deals in 18 months.

A privately held professional service company developed a niche vertical software to optimize delivery for their existing professional services clients. The solution was so well adopted they developed an Enterprise Software and SaaS solution and needed a partner to launch solution without disrupting its core business. Read More


SaaS and Professional Services

Outsourced Sales and Marketing generated 18 pilots in first 6 months and grew revenue by 5X in first year

VC funded tech start up had a false start in the wrong vertical market and needed to prove viability of additional verticals.. Series B investors required new vertical and marque client traction to close round. Company had no internal competency in new vertical markets and needed domain expertise and sales capacity. Company was ultimately acquired by Oracle. Read More


Print and Digital Publisher

Lead generation, sales and marketing to help tech publisher turn around from 2.1M to 6.9M annually in three years.

Post-acquisition by Nielsen division lost 50% of revenue annually in two consecutive years. New VP of Sales promoted from within which caused the attrition of 2 senior sales professionals on staff. SVP was given one year to turn business around. Gabriel sales helped triple revenue generating leads, closing pilot deals and turning over enterprise deals to SVP. Read More


Data Analytics Service Provider

Complete outsourced sales and marketing solution took company from 250K to 12M in annual revenue.

A marketing data analytics selling to mid-market and Fortune 1000 needed fully managed sales and marketing operations. Gabriel Sales crafted strategy, ran and managed a lean sales and marketing team and over three years successfully help take company through a 6 times revenue acquisition by WNS. Read More


Digital Only Tech Publisher

Outsourced Sales and Marketing Campaign to generating 800K in Annual Recurring in first year.

Sales were flat with core offering static or in decline as target decision makers were being flooded with a wave of new products and solutions. Sales team had slipped into complacency as account managers reselling same products and services to same accounts. Gabriel Sales took 2 new products to the market in first year selling over 800K in ARR at a combined profit margin of 33% for new businesses in first year. Read More


Web Design and Technology Company

Outsourced Sales and Marketing Campaign selling to Fortune 500

A small company had two years of declining revenue. The original founders decided to part ways. Gabriel Sales’ client retained ownership of mid-sized business clients and the web technology software, architecture and engineering teams. The second founder spun off a graphic design company. The new entities executive’s core competency was sales but he needed to focus on rebuilding operations and maintaining strategic partnerships. Was looking for quick operational support. Read More


Data Analytics Service Provider

Complete outsourced sales and marketing solution took company from 250K to 12M in annual revenue.

Principals of a Latin American Call Center Company that had clients across Central and South America needed to penetrate the US Market, to create brand awareness, and close at least 1 deal with the Fortune 500 to increase their valuation prior to selling company. Maintaining profitability was critical to 2-year exit strategy; brokers had failed but founders did not want to invest in establishing their own US sales operations. Read More



Fortune 500 Technology Company

Company needed to test messages, lead sources and tactics prior to company wide roll out

A Fortune 500 hardware and software provider was launching a new security middleware solution. Two divisions were merging. Sale was very complex requiring the participation of product specialists and a great deal of buyer education. Company needed to test lead sources and create a repeatable and integrated sales and marketing process.  Read More