Sales Outsourcing for Technology Publishing Case Study 

The Challenge

Organization focused on selling marketing programs to IT firms.  The business had lost 50% of revenue annually in two consecutive years.  New VP of Sales promoted from within which caused the attrition of 2 senior sales professionals on staff.  VP was given one year to turn business around.

Selling To: VPs & Directors of Marketing, MARCOM Directors

The Solution

  • Sales Consulting – GS evaluated 18 month cycle of existing business to identify Ideal Customer Profile and most profitable customers.  Conducted internal analysis of sales methodology, sales infrastructure and skill sets
  • Outsourcing Lead Generation – Gabriel Sales implemented a new business lead generation to ensure pipe was growing through reorganization.

The Results

  1. Business grew from 2.1M annually to 6.9M annually in 24 months
  2. Gabriel Systems managed and executed ongoing new business lead generation and then transitioned to closing Proof of Concept deals – 13 new clients in year 1 and 28 new clients in year 2 generating $300K revenue in year 1 and $650K revenue in year 2.
  3. Existing sales team was restructured around specific verticals reducing fixed costs of sales team by 23%. Internal teams focus transitioned to account management with a focus on scaling business of existing and new relationships post Proof of Concept.
  4. Client worked with GS to leverage GS insights and metrics to implement SalesForce.Com and VP was freed of new business acquisition management issues to pursue million dollar plus enterprise deals


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