Imaginatik – Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Study

A publicly traded company Imaginatik was founded in 1996 and sells a mix of consulting and advisory services, hands-on innovation projects, program management, and award-winning enterprise software globally. Company’s US office was comprised of a team of high end enterprise sales executives, executives and consultants with domain expertise and a marketing director.

Selling to C-Level, VPs and Directors in Fortune 2000

Company wanted to move beyond its reliance on rolodex reps to generate its sales pipe and reduce its 18 month sales cycle. Because of their limited bandwidth they felt a sales and marketing outsourcing solution made sense.


  • Marketing Director was responsible for brand, tradeshows and sales operations support.
  • Company was reliant on relationships and rolodex enterprise reps so pipe oscillated.
  • Sales was complex and required high level of focus of enterprise reps to close.
  • SVP of Sales had no interest, experience or desire to manage a lead generation team.
  • The company had experimented with webcasting as a lead gen and lead development program but only had a database of less than 2000 opt in buyers for ongoing marketing.
  • Sale required selling different value props to the end user, management and C-suite for final budget approval.


Gabriel Sales worked Imaginatik over an 18 month period on Marketing Automation and Content Management Systems Integration, Targeting, Lead Gen Campaigns and Outsourced Sales and Marketing Execution for Opportunity Development

  • Documented buyer persona and buyers journey for 4 specific verticals and 3 decision maker layers.
  • Implemented Marketing Automation and integrated Digital Demand Center™
  • Conducted several content workshops to develop content for new lead generation and to automate the early buyer education process.
  • Built 7 microsites for specific audiences for new lead gen campaigns and ongoing nurturing
  • Executed quarterly eProspecting campaigns to build awareness and target specific markets
  • Staffed blended marketing team to manage ongoing nurturing and marketing automation campaigns.
  • Staffed calling reps to leverage the marketing automation platforms to set appointment for senior reps.


Over an 18 month engagement Gabriel Sales:

  • Built awareness and an opt in database of over 12,000 early stage leads of ideal targets for ongoing marketing.
  • Scheduled 240 appointments for senior enterprise reps
  • Developed 56 sales qualified opportunities’
  • 1 transaction in first 6 months and 4 additional transactions in second 6 months
  • Established baselines that evolved into predictable dollars in and dollar out metrics for early stage pipe flow.
  • Transitioned the sales engine to internal marketing team. Director of Marketing promoted to CMO and built internal support team of 3 marketers and two inside sales reps.

Gabriel Sales moved to project work.