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The Challenge

Sales were flat with core offering static or in decline as target decision makers were being flooded with a wave of new products and solutions. Sales Team had slipped into complacency as account managers focused on servicing existing accounts reselling same products and services. Through attrition existing team did not know how to generate new business (no entrepreneurial spirit).

Selling To: VPs, Product Managers and Directors of Marketing in Mid-Market

The Solution

  • Sales Process Consulting – GS identified gaps in the business operations, human resources and training necessary to produce individual and organizational SWOT analysis.
  • Sales Consulting – Gabriel Sales crafted an Ideal Customer Profile and conducted existing client interviews to discover and recommended areas for 3 new service and product offerings.
  • New Product Launch and Outsourcing Lead Generation  – Gabriel Sales targeted 1200 new companies hitting Ideal Customer Profile
  • Outsourcing New Business Acquisition – Staffed Inside Sales Rep to close package deals and to sale qualify and set appointment for larger opportunities.

The Results

  • 2 of 3 new product offerings gained traction producing one business unit generating 300K in revenue annually at a 50% margin and a second unit generating 500K annually at a profit margin of 21%.
  • Priced, scripted and created marketing material for new products offers. Once methodology and offers built set quotas, forecast and trained existing sales force in new solutions without disrupting their workload.
  • Re-invigorated – 6 existing clients once re-engaged with a customer centric and solutions based sales approach increased annual revenue engage 2X