Orchid Bay Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Study

Real Estate Outsource Sales Case Study
Company Selling to high net worth individuals  –  Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Study

In this Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Study, we learn about Orchid Bay, a developer of an eco-conscious community in the Caribbean that blends the infrastructure of a town based on the principals of “New-urbanism” with the amenities of a resort. Company had extremely talented inbound and brand marketing executive and seasoned sales professionals working remotely across the United States.

Company wanted to build a systematic sales engine to nurture and develop qualified sales opportunities.


  • To attract top sales talent company needed to keep their pipe full with qualified leads.
  • Orchid Bay attracted a great deal of tire kickers that would never actually buy.
  • Orchid Bay attracted another segment of buyers that were genuinely interested but could take years before making a final decision.
  • The final purchase decision could be driven by multiple needs and financial goals.
  • Company needed to segment buyers early in sales process to prioritize where to focus closers time.
  • Sale requires gaining a deep understanding of the goals and needs of the buyer.
  • Sales requires building a high level of trust between the buyer and the seller.


Marketing Automation and Content Management Systems Integration, Lead Scoring Strategy and Outsourced Inside Sales and Marketing Execution over 18 months.

  • Defined buyer persona, buyers journey, business need and unique value props for 7 specific buyer segments.
  • Created a nurturing strategy to automate the buyer education with digital content..
  • Implemented Marketing Automation and integrated Digital Demand Center™ into existing website to create a system to prioritize leads based on digital engagement.
  • Staffed inside buyer education to point buyers in the right direction and to further segment based on needs profile
  • Set appointment for senior reps
  • Staffed part time rep closing deals for $5K educational/sales tours
  • Managed integration of automation systems to build automated lead assignments in easy to use lead portals to prioritize calling efforts of sales team
  • Staffed blended marketing team to manage ongoing nurturing and marketing automation campaigns
  • Performance reporting: marketing and sales pipeline scorecard (Traffic to MQL to SAL to SQL to Revenue), calling, content engagement, and marketing programs performance management
  • This concludes the solution for the outsourced sales and marketing case study.


Over 18 months

  • Gabriel Sales set appointments and maximized the sales time of a team that scaled to 5 closing reps
  • Gabriel Sales doubled and then quadrupled buyers visiting destination per sales event and company doubled the amount of sales events
  • Gabriel Sales participated directly in the development closing of 5 transactions
  • Transitioned systems to internal marketing team and inside sales reps to Denver based location.
  • Company has been able to develop three more areas of the resort
  • This completes this Outsourced Sales and Marketing Case Study