Marketing Consulting and Outsourcing for Fortune 500 Companies

Selling To: Directors of Security, IT Directors and Database Architects following up on inbound leads from 3 media campaigns

Challenge: A Fortune 500 hardware and software provider was launching a new security middleware solution. Two divisions were merging. Sale was very complex requiring the participation of product specialists and a great deal of buyer education. Company was integrating a marketing automation platform and needed to establish marketing work flows and set baseline call metrics as part of implementation. Additionally company wanted to test scripts and messages without disrupting the existing inside sales team.


  1. Temporary Sales Staffing – Gabriel Sales staffed temporary staff to make 10,500 follow up calls to 1500 inbound leads.
  2. Sales Consulting – Gabriel Sales tested multiple scripts, content and messages.
  3. Sales Pipe Analysis – Tested a 7 call campaign (vs. previous 3 call campaign) and measured the result of every call.
  4. Lead Scoring – Scored 3 sources of inbound leads for value by vertical and decision maker type.
  5. Document Process –  Documented all calls with verbatim and audio recordings.


  • Inbound lead performance lift from Marketing Qualified to Sales Qualified of 35% with 2 additional calls in sales process.
  • Profiled 1200 accounts for future lead nurturing.
  • Scored most successful messages and business pains for educational content focus to reduce involvement of product specialists early in sales cycle.
  • Recommended increasing outbound follow up from 3 calls to 5 calls for optimal return on marketing investment
  • Scored 3 lead sources by vertical and decision maker type to increase the performance of future media buys
  • Process Transitioned – Scripts and process transitioned to existing sales team at end of engagement.  Were able to test without disrupting existing staff during the reorganization.