Marketing Automation Managed Services Case Study for Enterprise Client – Industrial Building Products Manufacturer

Gabriel Sales Helps Scale Company’s Marketing Automation Engine from 2 to 24 Campaigns to Produce 420 Sales Ready Leads


The five-person marketing team was very skilled in brand awareness, creative, strategy, tradeshow & event support, product marketing and inbound marketing. After years of successful event marketing, media and PPC marketing, they had captured and created an opt in database of close to 70% of the existing market.

They made the strategic decision to maximize the value of their existing database and committed to lead nurturing and ongoing buyer and customer education. Simultaneously, they were tasked with developing leads by increasing content education to move them deeper into the sales funnel.


No one on the marketing team had frontline sales experience or marketing automation expertise. The team knew how to create great content and great events but had no familiarity with Salesforce, Sales Operations or Marketing Automation Platforms. They were tasked with maximizing the value of their database and their investment in marketing automation tech. They were also tasked to create prequalified sales ready leads to support their Global Sales Team as well as measuring their campaigns, content and efforts.


After leveraging Gabriel Sales to optimize their Account Engagement (Pardot) Implementation and Salesforce Integration, the Company moved to an ongoing Monthly Marketing Automation and Salesforce Operations Managed Services engagement. Gabriel Sales staffed a blended team of a marketing automation manager, database administrator, email marketing expert, Senior Salesforce Administrator & Pardot Specialist and account manager.

The Senior Salesforce Admin, Pardot Specialist and Account Manager worked with the marketing team turn their nurturing goals, visions and strategies into reality helping the team to:

  • Prioritize a systematic roll out of campaigns
  • Optimize technologies
  • Integrate additional technologies into Salesforce and Pardot
  • Seamless hand-off of leads from marketing to Global Sales team
  • Set up systems for long-term measurement and reporting

Simultaneously, Gabriel Sales took on the day-to-day management executing a wide variety of campaigns including:

Trade show pre and post support:

  • Account-based Marketing Programs to Subsets of the Database
  • Landing Pages for Co-Branded Trade Publication Campaigns
  • General Nurturing Campaigns
  • Event Based Campaigns (Webinars)

Day to Day Tasks Included:

  • Email Templates
  • Landing Page Builds
  • Dynamic Content Builds
  • Form Builds
  • Campaign Workflows
  • Lead Tracking
  • Automations and Completion Actions for Lead Assignments
  • Lead Scoring
  • UTM Tracking and Profiling
  • Testing and QA
  • Data Management and Cleanliness

In Addition, Gabriel Sales Continued to Implement Best Practices and Expand Reporting Capabilities in Quarterly Sprints as More Data Became Available

  • KPIs
  • Data Governance
  • SOPs and How-To Guides
  • Dashboards
  • Quarterly Train the Trainer so tools could be rolled out to Senior Marketers and Sales Teams


Year One Results

Company’s existing marketing team was able to focus on strategy, core competencies and content generation.

Gabriel Sales Launched a Lead Nurturing Sales Ready Lead Process

Company and Gabriel Sales collaborated to introduce systematic content marketing and Sales Ready Lead workflows. This resulted in a 10x increase in New Leads, the introduction of pre-qualified Sales Ready Leads for a seamless hand off from marketing to sales, resulting in 4X the lead conversions in 70% less time.

Scaled Sustainable Marketing Capacity

Gabriel Sales blended team also created the infrastructure, defined, documented and executed multiple day to day tasks leveraging company’s existing technology stack. This maximized their investment in technology, database and content creation. This also created a clear path to ongoing, affordable and sustained sales funnel and pipeline development.

Developed Numerous Measure and Insight Capabilities

Gabriel Sales was also able to provide dashboards, reporting and quarterly reviews to measure:

  • Content attribution
  • Marketing attribution
  • Message measurement
  • Specific campaign ratios
  • Sales team activity dashboards
  • Form productivity and lead source attribution
  • Time to conversions

This allowed the marketing team to make smarter decisions which optimized campaigns and empowered sales teams.

Year Two

After the marketing team’s and Gabriel Sales initial success, the decision was made by CMO and Chief Sales Officer to roll out the program across additional divisions.

Gabriel Sales crafted and documented initial SOPs, Workflows and Best Practices and is currently in the process of scaling to 3 additional Divisions within the company.

About the Company

A building products manufacturer selling with over $2B in annual revenue.

About the Division

Marketing team was responsible for selling engineered materials to building supply manufacturers. Team was tasked with generating new Sales Ready leads and educating existing customers to accelerate sales cycle and increase order sizes.