Marketing Automation Case Study Healthcare Software and Consulting

Marketing Automation Case Study Healthcare Software and Consulting

Quick Start Account Engagement (Pardot) Implementation + Salesforce Optimization + Training and Transition

Gabriel Sales Launches Multiple Awareness and Lead Nurturing Campaigns and then Transitions in 150 Days


Post merger, this mid-market software company needed to integrate and align the new company’s lead lists, sales funnel and marketing programs into one inclusive system and process. A decision was made to move from HubSpot and Mailchimp to Salesforce and Account Engagement (Pardot) to support the more complex sales environment the new company would need to address.

The new entity had strategic marketing experts, great content marketers, inbound marketers and a seasoned Salesforce Administrator with no expertise in Account Engagement. The company had a wide-range of content ready to be leveraged in both demand generation and lead nurturing campaigns and an opt in database that represented close to 70% of the market.


The marketing team was skilled in brand, creative, strategy and inbound marketing. The CRO and Salesforce Administrator were tasked with taking two different sales processes and multiple inbound and outbound marketing processes into one consistent sales and marketing operations process.

Company had developed their new go-to-market strategy and defined their new sales process. They needed help launching their new technology stack and then wanted their new combined sales and marketing operations team to take over the day-to-day management of the system.


The company hired Gabriel Sales to implement Account Engagement (Pardot)- deploy features, train on best practices, streamline Salesforce connections and integrate several additional third party technologies. Company then wanted Gabriel Sales to initiate several initial Marketing Automation Campaigns and Content Management Tools before training and transitioning the entire tech stack to their existing team for ongoing day-to- day management and execution.

Month 1

The engagement started by meeting with the Company’s CRO, Salesforce Administrator and Marketing Director to understand:

  • Who is using the system?
  • How are they using the system?
  • Success Criteria for Sales
  • Success Criteria for Marketing
  • Sales Process
  • Campaign Strategy
  • What They Wanted to Measure/Track
  • Reporting and Insight Needs

Gabriel Sales crafted a final plan for a basic implementation and a systematic 90 day roll out of campaigns with final timelines and critical dependencies.

Gabriel Sales then quickly launched into the technical setup of Account Engagement (Pardot) including all integrations and third party integrations.

Month 2 and 3

Gabriel Sales worked with the Company’s marketing team to launch the systems with:

  • Initial campaigns
  • Initial database segmentations
  • Continued quality checks and testing 
  • Continued best practice workflows
  • Conversion reports and insight dashboards

Gabriel Sales worked with the CRO to refine automated:

  • Lead scoring
  • Prioritized lead lists
  • Weekly engagement reports

Simultaneously, the Salesforce Administrator and Marketing team started their basic training in Account Engagement (Pardot) using Gabriel Sales online subscription training course on Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot): Build Your Basic Skills on Udemy.


Month 4 and 5

Worked with Salesforce Administrator, Marketing Team and Sales Team to ensure they understood how to leverage and maximize the effectiveness on the new sales and marketing technology. Training and transition included:


  • Email Templates and List Emails
  • Engagement Studio – Marketing workflows and best practices
  • Dynamic Lists
  • Triggered Automations
  • Custom Redirects
  • Page Actions
  • Segmentation Rules
  • Automation Rules
  • Lead Scoring and Grading
  • Forms and Form Handlers
  • Landing Pages and Templates
  • Lead Views
  • Prioritizing Leads
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting


Within 3 Months

The Company’s Account Engagement was fully implemented, launched with best practices and multiple initial marketing campaigns were up and running and producing scored leads prioritized in their CRM.

Within 5 Months

Gabriel Sales’ Certified Salesforce Administrator and Certified Account Engagement Specialists were able to train the company’s marketing team and Salesforce Administrator with all they needed to know to take over the systems and campaigns on a day-to-day basis.


Company contracted Gabriel Sales for an ongoing 8 hour/month of additional best practice training and support for an additional 6 months.

About the Company

A Mid-Market Healthcare Management Software and Consulting Services Company acquired a Compliance Software provider allowing it to service a broader range of customers.

Company had substantial sales and marketing talent and the CRO needed to quickly fold two different marketing and sales organization into one technology stack to support a team of 30 sales reps, account managers, and trainers across the United States.

Salesforce Implementation for Small Business Case Study – Engineering and Professional Services

Salesforce Implementation for Small Business Case Study – Engineering and Professional Services

Quick Start Salesforce Implementation + Training and Transition

Gabriel Sales Implements Salesforce and Then Transitions in less than 90 days


The General Manager and Managing Partner of a fast-growing specialized Engineering firm selling complex consulting and engineering deals needed to move his team of 2 sales reps and 30 plus senior engineers and account managers off spreadsheets and into Salesforce.


The company had grown organically through their engineers’ Rolodexes. They were selling very specialized solutions to a finite audience of 6000 engineers across the US and sales were being managed from spreadsheets and home-grown project management software.

The GM and Managing Partner needed to implement Salesforce to be able to manage the sales process, support the sales effort and get visibility into the sales funnel to accurately forecast. This would help them ensure their capacity to close business, recruit more talent for growth and forecast revenue.


Company hired Gabriel Sales to implement Salesforce to meet their specialized needs and then train and transition their staff for ongoing use and management. Gabriel Sales executed their Quick Start + Transition Sales Implementation Solution.

Month 1

Gabriel Sales met with the GM, Managing Partner, Sales Reps and several representative engineers to understand:

  • Who is using the system?
  • How are they using the system?
  • Success Criteria?
  • Sales Process and Stages

Gabriel Sales also conducted an audit of multiple databases and home-grown project management software.


Month 2

After plan was approved GS kicked off the technical implementation including:

Technical Set-Up

  • Custom Fields
  • Lead Sources
  • Sales Stage Mirroring
  • Sales Tasks
  • Custom Page Layouts
  • Enhanced Components/Plug Ins
  • Third Party Email Systems
  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Email Systems Integrations
  • View and Access Permissions

Custom Views

  • Lead Views
  • Contact Views
  • Opportunity Views

Database Import

Gabriel Sale then normalized the existing database and loaded into the system.


Month 3


Gabriel Sales trained a core team in the use of the system and worked with the GM to train the trainer. This included:

How to Use to Manage Sales

  • How to navigate and access Lead Lists
  • How to use Views
  • How to Complete Tasks and Log Activity
  • How to leverage Email System
  • How to track progress and view individual reports

How to Access Basic Reports

  • Lead Reports
  • Lead Conversion Reports
  • Activity Reports
  • Opportunity Reports


Sales Team and Engineers started using after 3 months.

After the team used for a quarter and with live data now flowing through the system, GM and Managing Partner circled back for some minor optimizations for increased visibility and insights including:

  • Sales Activity Dashboards
  • Forecasting Dashboards
  • Conversion Dashboards
  • Automated Task Triggers and Reminders

About the Company

An engineering firm specialized in Circuit Board Design and electrical engineering with 100 employees serving companies across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

About the Engagement

Company wanted to quickly implement and start using to tighten their sales processes, effectively manage their growth and increase visibility for General Manager and Managing Partner.

Marketing Automation Managed Services Case Study for Enterprise Client – Industrial Building Products Manufacturer

Marketing Automation Managed Services Case Study for Enterprise Client – Industrial Building Products Manufacturer

Gabriel Sales Helps Scale Company’s Marketing Automation Engine from 2 to 24 Campaigns to Produce 420 Sales Ready Leads


The five-person marketing team was very skilled in brand awareness, creative, strategy, tradeshow & event support, product marketing and inbound marketing. After years of successful event marketing, media and PPC marketing, they had captured and created an opt in database of close to 70% of the existing market.

They made the strategic decision to maximize the value of their existing database and committed to lead nurturing and ongoing buyer and customer education. Simultaneously, they were tasked with developing leads by increasing content education to move them deeper into the sales funnel.


No one on the marketing team had frontline sales experience or marketing automation expertise. The team knew how to create great content and great events but had no familiarity with Salesforce, Sales Operations or Marketing Automation Platforms. They were tasked with maximizing the value of their database and their investment in marketing automation tech. They were also tasked to create prequalified sales ready leads to support their Global Sales Team as well as measuring their campaigns, content and efforts.


After leveraging Gabriel Sales to optimize their Account Engagement (Pardot) Implementation and Salesforce Integration, the Company moved to an ongoing Monthly Marketing Automation and Salesforce Operations Managed Services engagement. Gabriel Sales staffed a blended team of a marketing automation manager, database administrator, email marketing expert, Senior Salesforce Administrator & Pardot Specialist and account manager.

The Senior Salesforce Admin, Pardot Specialist and Account Manager worked with the marketing team turn their nurturing goals, visions and strategies into reality helping the team to:

  • Prioritize a systematic roll out of campaigns
  • Optimize technologies
  • Integrate additional technologies into Salesforce and Pardot
  • Seamless hand-off of leads from marketing to Global Sales team
  • Set up systems for long-term measurement and reporting

Simultaneously, Gabriel Sales took on the day-to-day management executing a wide variety of campaigns including:

Trade show pre and post support:

  • Account-based Marketing Programs to Subsets of the Database
  • Landing Pages for Co-Branded Trade Publication Campaigns
  • General Nurturing Campaigns
  • Event Based Campaigns (Webinars)

Day to Day Tasks Included:

  • Email Templates
  • Landing Page Builds
  • Dynamic Content Builds
  • Form Builds
  • Campaign Workflows
  • Lead Tracking
  • Automations and Completion Actions for Lead Assignments
  • Lead Scoring
  • UTM Tracking and Profiling
  • Testing and QA
  • Data Management and Cleanliness

In Addition, Gabriel Sales Continued to Implement Best Practices and Expand Reporting Capabilities in Quarterly Sprints as More Data Became Available

  • KPIs
  • Data Governance
  • SOPs and How-To Guides
  • Dashboards
  • Quarterly Train the Trainer so tools could be rolled out to Senior Marketers and Sales Teams


Year One Results

Company’s existing marketing team was able to focus on strategy, core competencies and content generation.

Gabriel Sales Launched a Lead Nurturing Sales Ready Lead Process

Company and Gabriel Sales collaborated to introduce systematic content marketing and Sales Ready Lead workflows. This resulted in a 10x increase in New Leads, the introduction of pre-qualified Sales Ready Leads for a seamless hand off from marketing to sales, resulting in 4X the lead conversions in 70% less time.

Scaled Sustainable Marketing Capacity

Gabriel Sales blended team also created the infrastructure, defined, documented and executed multiple day to day tasks leveraging company’s existing technology stack. This maximized their investment in technology, database and content creation. This also created a clear path to ongoing, affordable and sustained sales funnel and pipeline development.

Developed Numerous Measure and Insight Capabilities

Gabriel Sales was also able to provide dashboards, reporting and quarterly reviews to measure:

  • Content attribution
  • Marketing attribution
  • Message measurement
  • Specific campaign ratios
  • Sales team activity dashboards
  • Form productivity and lead source attribution
  • Time to conversions

This allowed the marketing team to make smarter decisions which optimized campaigns and empowered sales teams.

Year Two

After the marketing team’s and Gabriel Sales initial success, the decision was made by CMO and Chief Sales Officer to roll out the program across additional divisions.

Gabriel Sales crafted and documented initial SOPs, Workflows and Best Practices and is currently in the process of scaling to 3 additional Divisions within the company.

About the Company

A building products manufacturer selling with over $2B in annual revenue.

About the Division

Marketing team was responsible for selling engineered materials to building supply manufacturers. Team was tasked with generating new Sales Ready leads and educating existing customers to accelerate sales cycle and increase order sizes.

Build Marketing Automation Engine Case Study For Software Company – Small Business

Build Marketing Automation Engine Case Study For Software Company – Small Business

Gabriel Sales Helps Scale Company’s Nurture Programs And Sales Ready Leads


Company had a moderately well-established brand as one of several solutions to the problem they solved for their customer. The sale was not an “if” but “when” and “how” solution, as it was eventually a requirement to remain compliant within the industry.

Historically the company had used cold calling, events and tradeshows to generate business. As a result, they had developed a database of roughly 50K targets representing 60% of the marketing.

During the pandemic their strategy shifted to webinars, industry newsletters, educational articles and a podcast. Company needed to move from Mailchimp and a homegrown CRM to Salesforce and Pardot

They were able to do this quickly because:

  • The CEO and COO were industry thought leaders skilled in both training and public speaking
  • They had a part time event coordinator and two full time content creators.

The company had four full time sales reps that were historically both inside/outside in geographic territories.

The CEO had experience in managing the company but had not previously overseen a sales team or held a day-to-day sales position before founding the company.

Company was using Account Engagement (Pardot) to send one-off emails with specific offers.


The company had tried to implement both Salesforce and Account Engagement on their own. They had sound strategic content marketing instincts, great content creators and inbound experts (but PPC was capped at the results it was producing).

The company lacked outbound marketing and senior sales executive and senior sales marketing expertise. As a result they were struggling with implementing best practices to get the most from their CRM, Automation Technologies and their substantial library of existing and ongoing content creation.

  • The company needed to provide their sales team with a sustained flow of leads.
  • The CEO needed the ability to manage that team
  • The company needed visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and their sales team
  • CEO needed the ability to forecast growth to strategically set growth targets and quotas


Gabriel Sales was hired to optimize Pardot and Salesforce to ensure that leads were being managed effectively and to create workflows to leverage the company’s content to nurture the database of 50K leads.

Month 1

Gabriel Sales conducted an initial Audit. This allowed Gabriel Sales to:

  1. Confirm the basic system implementation was done correctly and GS was able to start to optimize the systems with about 10 hours of additional work so it was campaign ready and ready to be leveraged more effectively by sales.
  2. Craft a Road Map to leverage their existing system to nurture and score leads
  3. Establish goal for the CRM to:
    • Prioritize leads for sale reps
    • Effectively track sales reps daily activities
    • Increase visibility and ability to forecast the
  4. Define the campaign insights required from the marketing automation platform
  5. Segmentation of database
  6. Establish sales reps workflows in Salesforce
  7. Make long term content and campaign workflows
  8. Define inbound lead form needs

Month 2

Gabriel Sales addressed the immediate optimization priorities to ensure data, workflows and forms were doing what they needed to do.

Month 3

Gabriel Sales systematically took over the day to day management executing a wide variety of functions with best practices. This allowed company to execute, optimize and increase volume systematically — eventually scaling to:

Marketing Operations:

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Nurturing Campaigns
  • Content Management
  • Podcast Management
  • Webinar Management
  • Database Management
  • Segmentation Management
  • Campaign Attribution
  • Social Posting
  • Campaign Specific Reporting

Sales Operations Management:

  • List Views
  • Lead Scoring Prioritization
  • Daily Activity Reporting
  • Forecasting and Dashboards
  • User Management

Reporting and Analysis:

  • Google Analytics
  • Attribution
  • Social Follower Tracking
  • Campaign Attribution


Tactical Results

Gabriel Sales was able to create a technical system, marketing operations and lead transition process that allowed the company to maximize their investment in content marketing, their technology (including additional third-party integrations), database and events.

The Business and Sales Results

The streamlined process, increased visibility for sales management, consistent content marketing to stay top of mind with the buyers and lead scoring allowed the company to double their monthly flow of sales ready leads and simultaneously cut their sales team from 4 sales reps to 2 senior sales reps producing the following results.

About the Company

Company provides both software and training resources to help small and mid-sized companies comply with federal rules and regulations.

The sales is not an “if” decision but a “when” and/or “how” decision.

Building trust with thought leadership and staying top of mind when the buyer is ready to explore options is critical to success.

Typical sales cycle was 90 to 180 days is budget cycle dependent typically with an incumbent or an internal process that needed to be replaced.

Lead Nurturing Case Study Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Therapies – Enterprise

Lead Nurturing Case Study Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Therapies – Enterprise

Gabriel Sales Executes B2B Nurturing and ABM Buyer Education Campaigns to Support Marketing and Salesforce Administration Team


To ensure HIPAA compliance, Gabriel Sales was initially engaged by the Global Salesforce Admin support team to assist Company in optimizing and finalizing the implementation and integration of two Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot) instances. One instance was seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Health Cloud, while the other was linked to a B2B instance of Salesforce.

After helping to implement and optimize both instances Gabriel Sales trained the Company’s internal marketing resources to manage the Health Cloud instance (to meet the more complex HIPAA compliance issues).

The decision was then made by the Global Salesforce Admin Team to retain Gabriel Sales to support the Global Marketing team for continued day to day management and optimization of Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot) and its Engagement Studio features to support the Global Marketing Team.

Company had developed a database of 80% of the local target market.


Global Salesforce Admin team was tasked with supporting the use of Salesforce Account Engagement and Salesforce for Global Marketing Efforts. After trying to train their existing team and several failed recruiting efforts they hired Gabriel Sales to support the Global Marketing Team.

The Global Marketing Team, skilled in brand, creative, strategy, HIPAA Compliance and live and virtual event planning, was tasked with supporting the marketing of multiple products and markets across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The primary focus of these tools was to support the company’s primary channel of Account Based Marketing through digital channels with a primary focus on both virtual and live events. Company was running major events monthly with smaller events on a weekly basis in addition to constant SEO and Digital Media Spends.

Company needed a team of Certified Account Engagement (Pardot) Specialists and Certified Salesforce Admins to support these efforts in North America while simultaneously helping to build repeatable processes to support the same processes globablly across multiple divisions with different ABM campaigns.


After Gabriel Sales assisted with the initial integrations and optimizations to get Salesforce Account Engagement (Pardot) ready for live deployment, the Global Salesforce Admin Group and Global Marketing Group retained Gabriel Sales to support the day-to-day execution of multiple Account Based Marketing Programs and continued technology system optimizations.

The Global Marketing Team then supplied the content and creative, the strategy and the desired markets. Gabriel Sales then managed:

Salesforce Engagement Studio Programs and Campaigns including:

  • Audience Segmentations
  • Email Templates
  • Custom HTML
  • Workflow Logic
  • Reporting
  • Forms
  • Triggers
  • Testing and Q&A

Gabriel Sales also Manages:

  • Data Hygiene
  • Global GDPR Compliance (with Legal Team’s Oversight)
  • HIPAA Compliance (with Legal Team Oversight)
  • KPI Reporting
  • Conversion Reporting


Year 1

During the first year of the engagement Gabriel Sales was able to collaborate with the Salesforce Admin Group and Global Marketing Team to launch the technologies and simultaneously create all the necessary process, workflows and best practices to support one product in North America.

Year 2

With SOPs, Processes and Workflows in place Global Marketing Team was able to roll out support and scale to additional Regions for Multiple Product Groups

About the Company

A medical device company that develops technologies and therapies. The company markets its products through a network of distributors in North America, Europe, South America and parts of Asia.

About the Engagement

Gabriel Sales worked with the company to develop processes and Standard Operating Procedures in the US Market one division at a time for North America. Once processes were defined Gabriel Sales supported scaling globally.


The company has multiple solutions and needs to sell to and educate specific markets including distributors, practitioners and hospitals and existing customers.

Primary Focus

Filling both virtual and live events with specific audiences.

Lead Scoring Case Study for Mid-Market Client – Building Materials Manufacturer

Lead Scoring Case Study for Mid-Market Client – Building Materials Manufacturer

Account Engagement (Pardot) Optimization + Training and Transition

Gabriel Sales Optimizes Systems to Manage, Nurture, and Distribute 10,000 Inbound leads a month within 3 quarters and then trains Company’s team


Leadership at a mid-market building products’ manufacturer was responsible for providing both the internal sales group and distribution partners with a constant flow of sales ready leads.

The team was supported by a Marketing Director, Marketing Assistant and Salesforce Administrator. The company worked with several outside media agencies to generate 10,000 plus inbound leads a month. Over time their multi-million dollar marketing budget had granted an in-house database of 500,000 plus targets across the United States.

The marketing team and agency were great at promoting the brand, producing great creative and educational content. The Salesforce Admin had no experience with Account Engagement (Pardot) and the marketing team was experienced in content production but had limited expertise in lead nurturing in the system.

The Agencies were managing content and forms on the Company’s website and on third party sites. Their accountability stopped once the lead was generated.


Leadership, Marketing and the Salesforce Administrator had multiple challenges and goals.

  • The team had implemented Account Engagement (Pardot) with no prior experience leading to over design and/or missing solution and as a result the systems failed at volume and scale   
  • There were multiple sync errors
  • Leads were being lost or routed to the wrong reps/distributors, so they were being ignored and abandoned.
  • The company could see what channels were producing the most leads but had limited visibility into what marketing channels and campaigns were producing the highest quality leads and/or which leads were transacting. 
  • The company wanted to leverage account engagement for ongoing market and buyer education with lead nurturing campaigns to maximize their existing database of 500,000 existing leads. 


Leadership of a mid-market building products’ manufacturer was responsible for providing the General Managers of each product group with a constant flow of sales ready leads. The General Managers then shared these leads with 24 plus in-house reps and 100s of distribution partners with contractually well-defined relationships and territories across the United States and Canada.

Quarter 1

Month One – Discovery, Audit, Scope, Budget, Timeline and Final Strategy

The engagement started with senior leaders, the Salesforce Administrator and Marketing Director to understand:

  • Who is using the system?
  • How are they using it?
  • Lead Distribution Requirements
  • Marketing Teams Background and Area of Expertise
  • Existing Inbound Campaigns
  • Segmentation requirements and what criteria defined a good lead

Gabriel Sales then conducted a system audit with particular attention to:

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Sync Errors
  • Automations 
  • Grading and Scoring

Gabriel Sale then provided a scoping document with goals outlined and what was required to technically achieve those goals with:

  • Process Gaps
  • Technical Gaps
  • Skills Gaps (Training Required)
  • Recommendations
  • Prioritized Road Map
  • Preliminary Budget

After reviewing this document with the Company, Gabriel Sales provided a one-year plan with timelines and final budget. Company opted for staffing a blended team at a monthly recurring fee to implement and execute the plan (including training of his existing staff).

The plan was organized into four “Quarterly Sprints” with the goal of providing their team with optimized Account Engagement tools and processes deployed as well as have the team trained within the first year.


Month 2 – Systems Clean Up and Features Streamlined

  • Gabriel Sales quickly corrected issues related to the initial implementation, so Salesforce and Account Engagement synch errors stopped.
  • Turned on and turned off features.
  • Pre-subscribed additional custom fields to align systems and company and turned-on automated data enhancement with a third party (Zoom Info) to support both sales rep visibility and make lead scoring and lead grading possible.
  • Implemented simpler Form and Form Handler best practices to streamline the flow and distribution of leads


Month 3 – Key System Process Optimizations and Training Started

  • Implemented new lead scoring and lead grading criteria.
  • Integrated ZoomInfo to augment and append data to improve grading.
  • Trained existing team in best practices that were implemented.


Quarter 2

New workflows, campaigns and processes are implemented and custom training of Company’s team kicked off:

  • Optimized triggered email and alerts.
  • Launched initial drip/lead nurturing campaigns to support one of the product line divisions. Content and strategy supplied by the company’s marketing team.
  • Marketing team went through Gabriel Sales quick start online training program (hosted on Udemy)


Quarter 3

Systems and campaigns are scaled with initial reporting for leadership:

  • Gabriel Sales worked with existing marketing team to launch three additional product division campaigns and conducted customized best practice training in their systems.
  • Gabriel Sales worked with leadership of the company to define their reporting and dashboard needs.


Quarter 4

Final transition takes place:

  • Gabriel Sales builds the final required custom dashboard and reporting
  • Gabriel Sales moved into a support role answering questions for existing marketing team as they took over the day-to-day management of the systems and campaigns



For a modest and affordable monthly fee Gabriel Sales continues to monitor Data Governance on a monthly basis and functions as a support desk for marketing team when any best practices or technical issues arise in their management of the ongoing campaigns.


Gabriel Sales was able to optimize, launch, manage and transition the following tactics and capabilities with the following scaled results in the first three quarters:

Company’s marketing team and Salesforce Administrator were able to take over the day-to-day management of the following best practices:

About the Company

A Mid-Market Building Materials Manufacturer with a National Sales Team of 24 in house reps and 1000s of National Distribution Partners needed to effectively generate and route 10,000 plus leads monthly with strict governance needs.

The entire process was managed hands on by Leadership and a small support team of 2 marketers and one Salesforce Administrator.