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Our Team is Your Team

We Can Build and Deploy Your Professional Sales & Marketing Team in Weeks

Companies work with us because they want to get to market faster with less friction. We typically work with executives and/or investors that are looking to buy a team vs. spending a year to 18 month building a team so they can focus on accelerating their path to repeatable revenue. Why wait a year to 18 months to assemble a team that is producing results. Check out the talent we can pull together for you to hit the market with seasoned, trained and managed professionals in as little as two weeks or less.

Automation Expert

Our team has dozens of implementations under its belt

How We Help?

  • Implement and manage Lead Scoring Center™ marketing automation
  • Configure Lead Scoring Center™ Persona & Journey integration
  • Program ongoing nurture campaigns
  • Ongoing Lead Scoring optimization
  • Systems training and support

Database Analyst

The first rule of data-management is: garbage in, garbage out

How We Help?

  • List research
  • New list acquisition & management
  • Sales suppression list management
  • Conversion reporting
  • Managing Database Integrity

Telemarketing Reps

Build awareness and trust faster by offering something of value

How We Help?

  • Execute discrete outbound cold calling campaigns
  • Email campaign follow up
  • Pre & post tradeshow and even campaigns

Marketing Manager

Stay top of mind with your buyers and make it easy to find your solution.

How We Help?

  • Design and project manage outbound email campaigns
  • Design and project manage deployment of nurture campaigns
  • Coordinate and maintain content production calendar
  • Accountable for quality control and customer experience
  • Manage reporting and analysis

Inside Reps

Friendly and professional stewarding of buyers to qualify and find the right solution fit

How We Help?

  • Develop Opportunities
  • Identify needs and pains
  • Qualify leads
  • Set Appointments
  • Closing

Sales Content Producer

Continue to fuel your engine and support reps with a steady stream of thought leadership

How We Help?

  • Implements Digital Demand Center™
  • Manage copywriters
  • Produces videos
  • Educational webcast production
  • Microsite and landing page builds
  • Design & deploy PPC marketing campaigns
  • Optimize content for SEO
  • Social media content production and distribution

When the down turn hit it took us by surprise. I had to justify my position and all my investments to the board and Gabriel Sales saved me a tremendous amount of time because everything they did was metric driven. It made it easy for us to remain profitable, but more, their feedback systems help shape the products and strategy of the company.

James Miller

EVP of Sales, VNU Global Media

Need Help with Executing Your Marketing Campaigns?

90% of Automation implementations never get past single email blasts. We have run thousands of campaigns from our 136 and counting automation implementations. Let us market for you at half the cost of building a team.