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We Produce Results and Build Modern & More Mature Sales Organizations

Gabriel Sales has been filling pipes, developing opportunities and closing deals since 1999. With the right strategy and tools in place, we can hire, build and manage your entire sales and marketing operations.


Products/Solutions Successfully Launched

MILLION in Client Equity/Acquisition Exits

MILLION Annual Reoccurring Revenue

Successful Automation Implementations

Gabriel Sales Has Been Helping SMBs Compete & Win for 17 Years

Gabriel Sales specializes in working with founders and executives that are committed to aggressive growth. As an outsourced sales and marketing execution company, we specialize in taking companies from $0-$20M in revenue, so we understand what it takes to help you hit your sales and marketing targets and drive profitable deals. As founders and senior executives, we understand value and wealth creation. We are passionate about helping your senior executives and founders build a mature sales and marketing organization faster, with less risk. We will increase your bandwidth, customer line of sight, and increase your ability to scale and grow your businesses value. We produce reoccurring revenue and help create a sales and marketing organization that delivers bottom line results.


We know both hard work and insights are required to accelerate and sustain sales growth. Gabriel Sales implements feedback loops to listen to the “voice of the customer” in a methodical and data driven way, so you learn as we sell.  Our tools and frameworks distill the most powerful insights to identify what works and what doesn’t. Our proven process turns those insights into action to iteratively improve your sales process and results. Our insights and commitment to total transparency means you don’t miss strategic market opportunities and  ensure you can make smarter pivots and product development decisions successfully.


The faster you can forecast, the faster you can grow. We build an infrastructure that allows you to score your leads and measure the direct impact of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, inside reps, and field sales reps. We deliver a seamless technology platform (MA, CMS, SFA, SEO), so you can easily visualize sales and marketing ROI metrics in order to predict pipeline growth and make better investment decisions. Visibility and executive line of sight aligns sales and marketing and improves  your ability to focus your organization on high impact tactics and revenue producing activities.


Nothing is more painful than building sales momentum and then hitting the wall. And just buying more leads or throwing more reps at sales doesn’t always solve that problem. You find market fit sooner and reach sales goals faster with a methodical, buyer-centric strategy and a scripted and repeatable sales process. We can help you build a dedicated team faster, with the rights skills and all the tools you need to succeed. Once your engine and team is launched, you can continue to outsource to increase revenue and attack new markets even faster or move parts or all of the functions in-house.

What our clients say about working with us:

“Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Saves Us Time”

“We know why we’re winning.”






“Gabriel Sales helps us close deals, a LOT of deals.”

Ten Sales and Marketing Barriers We Help Remove

What gaps modern sales and marketing will fix:

  1. Feature selling is not working
  2. Reps Rolodex ran dry
  3. Prospects keep stalling/no decision
  4. Sales model must change
    1. Move from enterprise to SMB
    2. Move from outside to inside
    3. Move from Sold to Bought
  5. No repeatable process to scale
  6. Don’t have in-house capability
    1. People
    2. Skills
    3. Systems (marketing automation, Salesforce automation)
    4. Data (contacts, conversions)
    5. Model / process
  7. Losing too many deals
  8. Discounting too often
  9. Don’t have enough qualified opprotunities
  10. Don’t have enough qualified leads

What Sets Gabriel Sales Apart

  1. We have a 15-year track record increasing demand and closing business
  2. We have a 15-year track record supporting your executives strategically as they create wealth and drive business valuation
  3. We have a commitment to solution selling
  4. We have proven and tested sales acceleration frameworks
  5. We can design, launch, build and/or optimize a sales engine in as little as 60 days
  6. We can augment any gap in your inside sales or sales marketing team to start putting more opportunities into your pipeline in as little as 120–180 days
  7. Once your engine is designed and launched we don’t hold you hostage. You always have the option totransition all or parts in house.
  8. Every strategy and tactic we recommend is data-driven because we are metric driven.
  9. We are completely transparent because we know that your long-term success requires agility and the ability to quickly pivot.

Gabriel Sales helped fill the pipe, develop opportunities and close deals for us. A lot of deals. We were happy with just that. But they are also not short sighted and understood we were also going for a client mix that would increase our multiples and they supported that effort. They are a partner you can trust.

Vinay Mishra

Founder & COO, Marketics (Data Analytics)

We were struggling to build awareness and gain quick traction in the market. Gabriel Sales took us from zero to 60 mph in a fraction of the time we could have done this on our own. Sales automation and reps armed with digital content is the wave of the furure and we’re happy to be at the front of the wave.

Matthew Heim

EVP of Sales, Inno360 (Software)

Our big question was, “Where would we get the content?” We were shocked, we didn’t realize how much content we were sitting on. They helped us draw out and produce a great deal of professional content. We immediately improved our ability to target new markets, lift SEO and develop leads with entry level sales reps.

Dan Beall

Partner, The Strategy House (Healthcare Consulting)

When the down turn hit it took us by surprise. I had to justify my position and all my investments to the board and Gabriel Sales saved me a tremendous amount of time because everything they did was metric driven. It made it easy for us to remain profitable, but more, their feedback systems help shape the products and strategy of the company.

James Miller

EVP of Sales, VNU Global Media

Free Assessment & Preliminary Diagnostic

You’ve made it this far in our website, so we are willing to offer an initial free one hour discovery session combined with some online surveys to deliver a preliminary gap analysis, line item budget & strategy recommendation benchmarked against 4 years of best practices; a $4,000 – $5,000 value.