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Basic Salesforce Training for Business Development Reps Workshop


Salesforce is a powerful tool when effectively by your Business Development Reps. In this workshop BDRs will learn how to use Salesforce to optimize their time, prioritize their activities, track their progress, capture more information and increase their sales production.  We will walk through best practices for several early stage processes including – day to day lead generation, lead development and lead qualification activities.

What You Will Learn: How to navigate the system. Familiarize yourself with Salesforce’s glossary of terms.  How to create, manage and update leads. How to log your actives and capture and record lead information and insights in the system.  How to convert leads to opportunities.  And finally, how to prioritize your daily calling and  outreach activities so you can increase your productivity and results.

Who Should Attend: Business Development Reps and Sales Reps new to Salesforce. Sales Managers and Sales Operations Support Staff.

Duration:  Two 60 minute sessions

Instructor: Certified Salesforce Admin with Prior Front-line Sales Experience

Topics Covered:

Glossary of Terms

So you understand Salesforce’s vernacular

How to Navigate

  • Lead Records and Opportunity Records
  • Tools Bars and Apps

Lead Basics

  • How to create a lead
  • How to search for leads
  • How to log an activity
  • How to update a lead
  • How to convert a lead

Lead Prioritization

How to customize List views to prioritize your daily activities by:

  • Location
  • Lead status
  • Lead score
  • Lead source
  • Next attempt date

Best Practice Tips

  • Importance of filling in critical fields
  • Finding and managing duplicates
  • Implanting a consistent process for logging activities

Reporting Basics

  • Where to find your activities
  • Tracking to your goals
  • Tracking to team goals

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