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Account Engagement Data Management Best Practices Workshop


The quality of the data in Account Engagement and Salesforce directly impacts the effectiveness of your sales team, your marketing team and your ability to make smart marketing decisions.  Account Engagement  data management best practices leads to strong data quality.  And strong data quality equal strong results.  Poor data quality can lead to wasted resources, poor decision making and missed opportunities. This course is designed to help you learn how to effectively manage your data and to help you improve the quality of your data if you have made passed errors.

What You Will Learn: In this session we will walk through all the basics of importing new data into Account Engagement platform. We then explain how to manage your data, audit your existing data and how to establish ongoing best practices that ensure data quality and increased insights.  Finally we provide an overview of how to address the quality of data already in your systems and review Salesforce’s “Prospect Database Cleaning Guide’ Best Practices.

Who Should Attend: Salesforce Admins,  Database Managers, End Users and Marketing Automation Managers

Duration:  3 hours

Instructor:  Certified Salesforce Admin and Account Engagement Specialist


Topics Covered:

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