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Introduction to Salesforce Engagement Studio Training Workshop


Engagement Studio (part of Account Engagement formerly Pardot) contains multiple tools that can take marketing automation and your sales funnel to the next level.  After taking this introduction to Engagement Studio’s capabilities  you will understand the various ways you can use your technologies to tactically enhance your buyer’s customer journey and how to launch your first program.

What You Will Learn: The capabilities of Engagement Studio and different use cases (options available) including nurturing, personalization and event follow up.  We then share best practice tips and what to avoid and how to launch your first program. We explain how to manage multiple programs and the different reporting options to manage your insights and success.

Who Should Attend: Account Engagement (Pardot) End Users,  Saleforce admins, Marketing Automation Managers, Marketing Managers, Marketing Executives, Revenue Executives and  prospective Account Engagement (Pardot) customers

Duration:  3 hours

Instructor:  Certified Salesforce Admin and Account Engagement Specialist


Topics Covered:

  • Defining and Explaining Engagement Studio- and how it compares to List Emails
  • How to build an Engagement Studio program
  • Overview of Engagement Studio terms and functionality
  • Defining your strategy and goals when using Engagement Studio
  • Understand Engagement Studio best practices and considerations
  • Common sales and marketing use cases
  • What not to do
  • How to manage multiple Eng Studio programs
  • Reporting options for Eng Studio programs

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