Lead Generation vs Demand Generation Webinar

Part 4 in our Digital First Transformation Series

The Differences Between Lead Gen vs. Demand Gen and the Impact on Your Sales Funnel

In this Lead Generation vs Demand Generation Webinar, the final in the series, we examine tie it all together to help business owners decide if Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing and Sales Automation is the right fit for their sales process. We discuss the difference between Lead Generation and Demand Generation.  We detail the impact of both on your sales funnel production and cost of sales.  We then explain when you can just use a lead generation process and when you need demand generation.   We explain what types of businesses are an ideal fit for Digital Demand Center™ specifically.  And provide projections our typical customer realizes over the course of 18 months.

(Watch Time – 15:00 Minutes)




Topics Covered in This Lead Generation vs Demand Generation Webinar Include:

  • Clearly define lead generation and demand generation
  • Explain the purpose and limitations of both process
  • Contrast the impact of both on your sales funnel
  • Explain when you should only invest in lead generation
  • Explain what type of sales process needs lead nurturing and pre-sales automation to survive and thrive
  • Clearly define what type of business and sales process gets the best return from demand generation and Digital Demand Center™ specifically
  • How long it takes to launch a demand generation engine
  • Concrete forecasts of the sales funnel production you should expect from Digital Demand Center
  • How to calculate your KPIs and Return on Investment