Lead Nurturing Drives Sales Ready Buyers Success Video

In this short video Collective Goods’ SVP of Sales, Tony Gilio, discusses how lead nurturing drives Sales Ready Leads.  He explains how Digital Demand Center allowed him to increase his flow of sales ready buyers, doubled his closing rate and reduce his Sales Development Rep headcounts cost by over 50%.

(Watch Time – 3:00 Minutes)

Conversation with Collective Goods SVP of Sales, Tony Gilio

Collective Goods was struggling to deliver a full funnel of new business and qualified opportunities to their team of over 150 outside sales reps.  Tony explains how he had Gabriel Sales and Digital Demand Center increase the efficiency of his inside sales team by implementing a digitized pre-sales process supported by a marketing automation technology stack.   In this short video Tony explains:

  • How Digital Demand Center doubled his volume of Sales Ready Leads by 50%
  • How “Sales Ready” leads reduced his telemarketing team from eight to four reps reducing his cost by 50%
  • Why his New Business closing rate went from 10% to 50%
  • How this lead nurturing and demand generation solution provided his closer the volume they needed for success

Excerpts from Lead Nurturing Drives Sales Ready Buyers

“The, the reason why I believe that Digital Demand Center had so much success with us was because they’ve done it from all angles. They are sales professionals, they are marketing experts.  The understand and see the whole business cycle. And, well I guess now they are the whole business cycle for us, right. And they’ve just digitized it and made it more efficient for us to be able to succeed. Their expertise allowed us to be more efficient in our process.”

“So the first step that we had with Gabriel Sales and Digital Demand Center was just streamlining that Sales Development Process.  The reason why we had so much more success is that the buyers we started calling were warmed up. They had already watched videos, they had already seen the content. They had basically told us that they wanted us to call them.”

“I was skeptical that digitizing this would be able to replace, um, all our portion of our telemarketing team. And the reality is really that’s how people want to transact nowadays. They, they are more digitally focused. They are less apt to pick up a call, especially because so many people are on their cell phones. They don’t want to listen to a telemarketer. So they’re transacting on a digital format through video. They’re watching as much as they want to watch. The buyer is learning about us and we are  watching and we’re learning, about their behaviors.   And then we can follow up accordingly”