Learn more about how Outsourced Sales and Marketing Trade Show Support Can Scale Your Sales Funnel.


The Challenge

Technology firm providing Cloud, Application and Strategic services for PCI Compliance was looking to increase the ROI of their investment in attending annual trade show with 5000 attendees and 200+ exhibitors. Company decided not to invest in a booth. Instead they sent one sales representative and a C-level Executive. Company needed to develop an approach that would maximize the bandwidth of the two attendees.

Selling To: eCommerce Companies, Financial Services and Financial Services Service Providers. Decision Makers include – CFOs, Compliance and Security Directors and Executives and IT Directors and Executives

Average Deal Size and Sales Cycle: Average pilot deal size is $30K to $50K. With solution scaling to six figure annually. Pilot takes 60 to 180 days to close.



The Solution

  • Determined the availability of target list of buyers attending the trade show
  • Developed end-to-end digital content marketing and outsourced sales and lead generation opportunity identification strategy to automate engagement with prospects and keep company’s resources focused on meetings and business development during the trade show.
  • Implemented a 5-part integrated calling and content marketing plan to develop leads and set appointments after the trade show.
  • Executed the campaign pre-show, including a 3-part email campaign with 800 introductory calls to set meetings at the event.
  • Completed a 6-week campaign after the trade show including 800 calls and a 5-part best practices email marketing campaign.


The Results


Grew Sales Qualified Opportunities Pipeline to $760,000 of real sales opportunities


New Leads for the Show

Meetings Scheduled for Trade Show

Additional Appointments Generated After the Show

Dollars in Sales Qualified Opportunities Pipeline Growth

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