“What is Lead Scoring?” Whitepaper

Why Lead Scoring is Critical for Your Sales Team’s Success

In 2016, we witnessed the near universal embrace of content marketing, with 93% of B2B “marketers” claiming that they have at least tested content marketing in some part of their sales and marketing efforts. Buyers now complete two-thirds of their purchase journey online before ever contacting a vendor or seriously engaging with sales.  Your sales team needs to track that digital conversation!

This whitepaper will help to demystify the most basic areas of how to use content marketing, email, reps and automation tools to drive more sales ready leads. It will also help you answer the following questions for your specific sales process:


  • Can lead scoring generate more sales qualified opportunities?
  • What will I need to budget to score leads?
  • Will it work for my business?

Topics include:

  • What is lead scoring?
  • Why does lead scoring matter?
  • Will content marketing, lead scoring and marketing automation work for my business?
  • How to decide if your business is ready for lead scoring.
  • The basics of a lead scoring program.
  • The ROI you should expect from a lead scoring campaign.












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Trade Show Marketing – Sales Ready Leads Best Practices [White Paper]

Trade Show Marketing – Sales Ready Leads Best Practices [White Paper]

80% of trade show leads are ignored. Make Leads Count!

Enterprise companies expect a 4:1 return on their trade show marketing because 92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. But 70% of SMBs exhibiting at trade shows don’t have any trade show marketing lead gen strategy. As a result, 80% of leads that are generated during a trade show are ignored after the show. Download this trade show marketing white paper to see how to:

— Drive more booth traffic

— Identify immediate sale opportunities

— Score leads to prioritize and automate follow up

For companies that lack the internal team and capacity for short term lead generation and sales pipeline, we invite you to watch our Turnkey Trade Show Support video here.