Fundraising and Employee Benefits Event and Sales Outsourcing

The Challenge

Company had an independent national rep force with more than 300 sales people. Company was planning to increase the size of the rep force by 25%, and needed to increase the volume of deals for both existing reps and new territories. Company had no database or inside sales and marketing support team to generate new leads.

Selling:   Fundraising and Employee Benefits Event  

Selling To: SMBs and Enterprise Companies

Average Deal Size and Sales Cycle:  Average initial deal size is $2K to $5K with most deals generating an additional $4K to $8K annually for many years once account opened.

The Solution

Gabriel Sales executed a Go-To-Market Research project to:

  • Size the market opportunity and what tactics were best suited to reach the market
  • Identify the Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Persona
  • Documented Company’s Sales Process

Gabriel Sales developed a comprehensive outsourced sales and marketing campaign to:

  • Build awareness to a broad audience prior to the show
  • Build a database for ongoing marketing
  • Create content to automate early stage buyer education
  • Create content to nurture buyers not ready to transact
  • Implement a marketing automation and CRM system to manage campaign
  • Execute outbound eMail Marketing campaigns to build database
  • Staff callers to qualify leads and set appointment for national rep force

The Results


Opt-In Database of Potential Buyers

Ave. Monthly Sales Appointments

Ave. Monthly New Accounts Won

Built an In-House Sales Engine

Opt-In Database

Built an in-house, opt-in database of more than 40,000 potential buyers and counting.

Predictable Growth

Built a steady state process that generates a predictable stream of monthly sales appointments.


Automated Process

Built a sales and marketing process that leads to 15 – 20 new accounts, monthly.