how to generate business sales leadsAs a B2B sales outsourcing company we do a great deal of cold calling to generate business sales leads. In a previous blog titled Cold Calling is like Dating, we explained how dating etiquette and sales etiquette are similar when it comes to making the first impression.  This blog continues the dating metaphor to the next stages of the sales cycle.

In the first part of this blog, we discussed how the goal of the first date should not be to close the deal; it should be to get a second date.  We find that if our reps succeeded at getting the prospect to agree to further interaction after the cold call, it is now time to “play it cool”.

When dating, after meeting someone for the first time, there’s no quicker way to end a budding romance before it begins than to be over eager or show desperation.  The same goes for business sales leads.  You want to convince your prospect that you aren’t annoying or creepy.  Too many calls or voice mails after a first date might give the impression you are needy or dependent; this is not attractive.

After a first date, a woman wants to feel like she’s being thought about, not obsessed over. This means no gushing emails about how much you love me and how you cannot wait to see me again. In the dating world, this is an immediate red flag; we just met.  In the sales world, and when we are providing sales outsourcing services we find, people are just as suspicious of sudden and constant affection that seems to come out of nowhere.  Building a strong and lasting relationship takes time, regardless of whether it’s romantic or business related.  If you are going for more than a one-night stand, having patience is key.

Generally, the higher caliber the romantic prospect is, the more work it will take to impress them and arouse interest.  This means you must be willing to expend this extra time and effort if you have your sight set on a Victoria Secret model.  You have to wine and dine her before you can even think about closing the deal.  For your sales process, think of Fortune 500 companies as Victoria Secret models.  If you get to know them and put in the time to show you respect who they are, you’re much more likely to succeed.

Also, remember that not returning a phone call does not necessarily equate with non-interest.  If she’s the type of girl that is worth keeping around, she will more than likely play a little hard to get.  When it comes to sales prospects that act this way, you have to play back and be persistent, but not pushy or annoying.

Our advice as a sales outsourcing company and what we find across verticals and most decision maker types is that the right balance between persistence and non-pushiness can benefit you in more ways than one.  First, you have convinced your prospect that you are respectable and are willing to work for what you want.  If your prospect takes the bait at this point, you have succeeded.  However, just as not all first dates lead to epic romances, not all cold calls lead to closed deals.  But, if you have managed to convince your prospect that you’re cool and not creepy, she might set you up with one of her friends (a Sports Illustrated model perhaps?).

For more on how sales in like dating, check out Cold Calling is Like Dating. If you would like to learn more on how to generate new business sales leads or about Gabriel Sales services strategy and how these strategies work for clients,  or to decide if B2B sales outsourcing is right for you, please feel free to contact us.