Working Every Lead Critical in Business to Business Sales – Tip from Marketing Outsourced Company

As a business to business sales outsourced sales and marketing company we work at accelerating B2B sales for the Fortune 1000 and small businesses.  The fundamental difference between the two types of companies is the volume of leads they can generate for their sales reps.  As a small business we guarantee that you cannot compete against the big boys if you do not adopt the principal that you need to Work Every Lead.  Adopting the philosophy that you need to “Work Every Lead”  will guarantee that you maximize the sales pipeline from your leads and we can almost guarantee that the Fortune 1000 has a team that’s sole function is to qualify leads for their sales reps.   This function is one major advantage a sales and marketing outsourced company  can provide.


We also recommend that this team reports directly to the sales head or the small business owner. Often referred to as the demand generation team this group needs to be held responsible for sales qualified leads they put in the pipe.  This group should leverage a marketing automation platform to keep both them and the sales reps accountable, to meet your companies hard revenue goals, and that all progress is communicated in a structured way.

Working every lead will ensure that your company is:

  1. Responsive: There are numerous studies that show that a quick response leads to higher conversion rates.
  2. Professional: A company that engages with a lead that does not turn into an opportunity can still gain from a prospect’s positive experience.  These can lead to referrals, which are very powerful in today’s socially connected world.
  3. Learning: The sales demand generation team is now a great source of feedback to the demand generation teams on the effectiveness of programs.
  4. Efficient: This structure will ensure that your company gets the best ROI on your program dollars, when measured in pipe to spend, or a close to spend type metrics.

It’s up to the sales leader to be the champion of this process and to create the proper environment for this success.  Ready to get started…feel free to contact us for a free benchmark and 30 minute needs analysis.

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