Inside Sales Outsourcing Technology

Inside Sales Outsourcing and Sales Consulting Case Study for Technology Sales

Selling To: Publicly Traded Companies CFO, Corporate Compliance Officer, Audit Committee Chair Board of Directions

Challenge: A privately funded start-up company addressing Sarbanes Oxley compliance was facing better funded competitors. Series A funding required that sales process was documented with pipeline velocity ratios so potential investors could understand dollars in and dollars out. Senior Enterprise Sales Executive did not have the experience or the time to build and inside sales team and simultaneously close business.


  1. Sales Strategy Consulting and New Product Launch-Gabriel Sales creates a target database, develops value propositions and tests multiple decision makers and and verticals targeting 800 companies and 2400 decision makers.
  2. Sales Process Consulting-VM scripts, cold call scripts, value propositions and qualifying questions are created and finalized.  Metrics and ratios for forecasts and quotas were created.
  3. Outsourcing Business Acquisition-Every prospect contact measured as value proposition is defined and product is priced.


  • Gabriel Sales closed 32 Web ASP clients with 2-year annual subscription at a monthly cost of $1500 to $3000
  • Identified and closed 2 beta enterprise software clients
  • Fully documented entire sales methodology and infrastructure
  • Transitioned team to client for internal management
  • Assisted in recruiting and transitioning team and process to internal full time VP of Sales

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