Sales and Marketing Outsourcing Alignment is More than Marketing Automation

As a company that specializes in sales and marketing outsourcing, Gabriel Sales is now a staunch advocate of pulling together an integrated sales and marketing technology stack to align sales and marketing around the one goal of helping your buyer to buy the way your buyer wants to buy. However the technology stack is only about 20% of the challenge we all now face. Getting that technology stack to do what it was designed to do may require significant shifts in both sales process and overall company culture (often from the top of the organization). This blog and the following blogs addresses those challenges at a very high level to arm you with some facts and figures to convince you to take a look at marketing automation and to help you understand that simply implementing a sales and marketing technology stack is no magic bullet.

First here is what a sales and marketing technology stack looks like:


Marketing Automation Software can tie together your inbound and outbound efforts data sets with your sales force database.

Second here are the challenges a sales and marketing stack will present for your business according to Gleanster:

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing

As company known for its sales and marketing outsourcing prowess, we understand that implementing a sales and marketing technology stack requires that you align sales and marketing  around the new rules of sales engagement that have the following five pillars:

  • Sales Content and Marketing Content designed for helping your buyers where they are in their decision making process.
  • Sales reps that are trained in the new rules of sales engagement and closing (hard closing no longer works) that is process driven.
  • Giving Sales and Marketing a Shared Sales Quota that rewards putting sales qualified leads in the pipe that close  that is metric driven
  • Implementing the right  technology stack for your sales and marketing organization to leverage as a team.

Success requires that you examine your sales and marketing outsourcing process. Technology doesn’t work unless your team has the incentive, desire, motivation and skill set to make it work.

If any of these struggles or challenges hits a register that resonates for you and your organization it may make sense to consider working with a business that is highly proficient in sales and marketing outsourcing. For more specific tactics you can implement right now we invite you to explore the discrete tactics in our  Sell Smarter, Sell Faster White Paper of visit our B2B Demand Generation Knowledge Center.  If you would like to receive a benchmark feel free to contact us directly to schedule a quick discovery session.

In the next blog in this series we will comment on some additional research that discusses some of the cultural challenges you may face as reported by Marketing Sherpa and finally we will look at what this means in terms of closing business so you can evaluate if you may be blowing your budget by not implementing the right sales and marketing process.

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