Network SaaS Security Software

Outsourcing Lead Gen and Lead Qualification for Network SaaS Security Software

Selling To: IT Directors,  Network Engineers, IT Managers,  CTOs  for Mid-Market Inbound Leads and Network Security Directors, Network Engineers and IT Directors for Outbound Telemarketing to Fortune 1000.

Challenge: A Series A funded network security risk and policy compliance software had multiple channel partners.  After two solid years channels were becoming less productive and growth was slowing.  Company made strategic decision to build a direct telemarketing and inside sales team to; decrease its reliance on the channel, increase its support of the channel,  target key verticals in Fortune 1000, and understand it’s sales ratios and direct sales business model prior to Series B round to increase valuation for founders.



  1. Targeting Strategy – Crafted a go-to-market plan to target market.
  2. Content production- Created early stage content and screencast demos of the the product to streamline buyer education
  3. Outsourcing Lead Qualification – Staffed part time inside sales rep to qualify inbound leads and manage logistics of the sale.
  4. Outsourcing Lead Generation – Staffed part time telemarketer targeting Temporary Sales Staffing – Gabriel Sales staffed temporary staff to make 10,500 follow up calls to 1500 inbound leads.
  5. Marketing Operations Outsourcing  –   Took over Direct Marketing  and Nurturing.
  6. Sales Analysis and Consulting – Identified pipe velocity ratios and top market pains.



  • Lead Gen Rep made 3200 outbound calls to 49 Appointments – resulting in 11 Sales Qualfied Leads including 7 Fortune 200 Companies.
  • Built additional Nurturing Database of 2300.
  • Identified top 7 pains in the market.
  • Produced 7 short videos integrating company pitch with product demos addressing specific pains.  Established distribution platforms.
  • Integrated digital content into the sales process removing the requirement of the product specialist in the sales process until both the technical and business qualification of the prospect was complete.  This saved company one full day a week of products specialist time.
  • Company was acquired post execution of Gabriel Sales pilot program.  Sales pipeline, analysis and insights were leveraged in final negotiations.

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