We Build B2B Sales Engines

Starting with your Lead Management and Pipeline Development Program, we create automated sales and marketing engines for better B2B lead generation, nurturing and sales engagement to increase your revenue and decrease your cost of sale.

Just getting started?  We start with strategy and focus on sales pipeline development to create your engine, so you can quickly scale to outsourced sales and more cost-effective lead generation.

Sales engine already in development?  We augment gaps in your current team, tactics and technology stack, so you can generate new prospects, nurture leads in your database and qualify more buyers for your sales team. Click on icons below to learn more!

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Why Integrated Sales and Marketing?

More and More Products & Services are Now “Bought” Then “Sold”

Consider how you buy. Do you try to self-educate first to start the buying process? Once educated, are you more open to talking with a rep to understand the people behind the product and how the company can help you specifically? Does a well executed process turn you into a buyer? If you are pushed hard for the sale early, do you buy from a competitor or pass all together?

The rules of selling and buying have changed. Sales is now about openness, transparency, authenticity and trust. First you make it easier for the buyer to buy, then you close.

The buyer now runs the show with access to more digital information. To grow your business, you need inbound and outbound lead generation, SEO, Social Media and email marketing. Lead management and pipeline development  require digital content designed to educate the buyer the way the buyer wants to buy. B2B Sales and Marketing teams need the right technology to measure results and increase sales and marketing efficiency. To win business and close revenue now requires aligned sales and marketing.

What to Expect?

A Professional Team and Streamlined Process that Gets it Right for Your Buyer

We have a streamlined discovery process to help you quickly plan and execute integrated and scalable B2B Sales, Content Marketing, Lead Management and Pipeline Development Programs. We make the complex simple by combining your knowledge of your customer, market and business with our best practices, sales tools, marketing technologies, database expertise and industry benchmarks. We then create a program that meets your needs, hits your targets and gives both sales and marketing a shared “Sales Quota Scorecard” across tactics.

Why Us?

A 14-year Track Record Helping  B2B Hardware, Software, SaaS, IT and Services Companies with Specialized Knowledge and Complex Sales

Gabriel Sales has been helping B2B software, professional services, SaaS, IT and managed services companies with complex sales succeed since 1999.   It’s a simple choice. You can spend 18 months building a team and engine on your own.  Or, you can be up and running in weeks as we cover any gaps in your existing team, technology or tactics.

How Do I Get Started?

We have solutions that can be designed and bundled specifically for:

  • New Product & Services Launches
  • Mature Sales & Marketing Team
  • Professional Services

We believe that successful sales are now both a sprint and marathon. We follow a systematic process and start by prioritizing your strategic opportunities and then tackle one issue at a time.

For Products & Services New to the Market

Companies that are taking new products or services into the market, or existing products or services into new markets, have a distinct set of challenges. Solving the right pain for the right markets quickly can make all the difference between simply surviving vs. thriving, so we usually recommend going slow to go fast.   We typically recommend the following steps:

  1. Strategic Consulting & Market Validation
  2. A Pipeline Development Program
  3. A Lead Generation Program
  4. Outsourced Sales


Professional Services Companies

Professional services have a unique set of challenges; a complex sale that requires building trust and selling your intangibles with significant education as well as the professional service lead to be involved in the sale to scope and assist with the close. Most professional services firms we work with already understand how to close business. Their number one challenge is the bandwidth of their top producers caught between servicing vs. selling, which causes significant peaks and valleys in their sales pipeline. We typically recommend:

  1. Abridged Sales Consulting Project
  2. Digital Content Production or a Pipeline Development Program
  3. Outbound Lead Generation Program


Sales Engine Already in Motion –  For companies with a team already in place, we augment gaps in your current team, tactics and technology stack, so you can generate new prospects, nurture leads in your database and qualify more buyers for your sales team.  Depending on your needs, we can provide:

  1. Lead Management and Pipeline Development –  Drive more sales qualified leads to your sales team from your existing database
  2. Marketing Automation and Marketing Technology Systems Integration – Launch your sales technology engine faster
  3. Content Production –  To provide a steady flow of content to accelerate your lead generation program
  4. Lead Generation – Integrated inbound and outbound lead generation to increase your early stage prospect volume