Multi-Channel Strategy and B2B Marketing Outsourcing

Choosing to Outsource instead of hiring illustration design

This blog explains how you can use an outsourcing sales and marketing company to quickly increase sales, in order to secure investments for a new product or technology.

When trying to convince someone to invest in a new product or technology, businesses will likely be asked to show why the investment is worth the money.  Investors are looking for sales metrics, often by specific target markets and sales verticals.  In other words, an investor wants proof that you can deliver, so they can feel secure in investing.  However, if your recent sales do not impress, you are unlikely to establish trust and secure investments.

So, what can you do when you have a great idea, and not enough sales traction to get solid investment terms? One solution to this problem is to turn your sales  over to an outsourced sales team to quickly increase revenue and implement the use of sales and marketing tracking tools, and performance metrics that report and measure dollars in and dollars out.

Without extensive sales knowledge and sales experience, these tasks may seem daunting.  An outsourcing sales company can help make this process much easier and less painful.  An outsourced sales team can help you attract the capital you need and quickly get your product or service to market.

Benefits of Sales Outsourcing:

  • Experienced sales professionals work to understand your specific business pains and needs
  • Outsourced sales teams use their experience to quickly devise and execute business plans
  • Outsourced sales teams understand what strategies and sales methods will work best for your business
  • Experienced sales professionals work directly towards achieving your goals efficiently and effectively
  • You can target your most successful markets, while simultaneously building new markets and securing new leads

When your sales process is running smoothly and effectively, turning out consistently closed deals at the end of your pipe, you should have no problem obtaining investments for a new product or service.  The team at Gabriel Sales can help make that happen.

If you’d like to see how sales outsourcing could benefit your company, contact us for a free pipeline velocity review.