abstract finger click video signIn a previous blog, we discussed the three most common types of videos used in B2B sales.  This is the second of a two part blog series where we will build on that discussion by offering additional tips for creating b to b product introduction videos.

  • Don’t go for the hard sell.  Research has shown that the hard sell does not work very well online.  Online sales content is usually most effective in the education and retention phases, which means your videos should (usually) have these goals in mind.  Creating an instructional or educational type video that details how your product or service is used will be much more effective than simply bombarding your viewer with your sales pitch.
  • Keep Things New and Fresh. As we’ve stated before, there are now over 24 hours of new video content uploaded to YouTube every minute.  This means that the video you uploaded last week is already old news.  Your company’s YouTube channel will quickly become stagnant if it is not constantly producing new content.  Even if you have to simply say the same message in a different way, you should constantly be updating and revitalizing your video content.
  • Be Focused. By keeping your videos focused on single message, you avoid overwhelming your viewer with your entire product line or the complexities of one of one of your service options. The easiest way to stay focused is to follow this guideline: For each product or service, you should have a separate video.
  • Simple is Best. One of the misconceptions about producing videos for online B2B sales is that they are extremely difficult and costly to make.  This does not have to be the case.  Videos for B2B sales should adhere to the old adage, “less is more.”  You do not need to spend tons of money on special effects; actually, too many things going on can leave your video looking overproduced.  Most YouTube viewers know they are going to get a lower-cost production value online, and are willing to accept this if your content is interesting enough.
  • Give Viewers Your URL. The goal of creating these online videos is to get potential customers to then go to your website.  They are much more likely do this if you have already told them how to get there.  Place the URL for your website either as a slide at the end of your video or somewhere in the text description that accompanies it; although it preferable to do both. The key here is making sure the URL is legible and highly visible.