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Integrated Sales and Marketing Experts




We help you target buyers with powerful stories and craft systematic sales processes to predictably scale revenue.


We manage a blended team of sales and marketing professionals to engage, educate, and convert leads into revenue.


We deploy modern sales and marketing systems to generate more qualified sales opportunities and increase your profit.

Most solutions are now first “bought” by making it easy for the buyer to self-educate digitally, and then “sold” by customer service oriented sales professionals with access to a buyer’s digital footprint. Gabriel Sales combines inbound and outbound demand generation, content marketing, automation systems and sales professionals to make it easy for your buyer to buy.



We Help Executives Serious About Predictable Growth

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Grow Your Sales with a Modern Sales & Marketing Process

1. Plan


Gabriel Sales’ strategists work with your team to understand your success criteria and audit your current state. We then craft an integrated sales and marketing program to:

  • Identify the Right Buyers
  • Tell a Powerful Sales Story
  • Generate Demand
  • Run a Predictable Sales Process


2. Build


Our sales executives, content marketing and sales automation experts build your customized sales and marketing engine faster at a lower cost including:

  • Digital Content
  • Video Production
  • Sales Automation Systems Setup
  • Sales Scripts & Training


3. Execute


We staff a blended account team of trained and managed sales, demand generation, digital marketing, and technology pros to generate demand and convert buyers.

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Database and Systems Manager
  • Buyer Development Reps
  • Sales Managers


4. Optimize


Your senior strategist and account manager will continuously analyze your data and results to recommend and continuously improve and optimize:

  • Targeting
  • Volume of Buyer Engagement
  • Quality of Sales Opportunities
  • Spend, Cost of Sale % and ROI



“We were struggling to build awareness and gain quick traction in the market. Gabriel Sales’ sales consulting took us from zero to 60 mph in a fraction of the time we could have done this on our own. Sales automation and reps armed with digital content is the wave of the future and we’re happy to be at the front of the wave.”


–Matthew Heim, EVP of Sales, Inno360




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