Here’s how Gabriel Sales Outsourced Sales Team can help

When you have outsourced sales and marketing, one of the tactics your partner may manage will be creating content or organizing content. Creating a streamlined production of content so you should expect your sales partner to be able to manage landing pages or you should be prepared to offer this support.

Understanding the difference between your home page and a landing page or the difference between a landing page and a microsite is important. Using these different type of pages is important for outsourced sales and marketing success because they all you to address the buyers needs at different stages of the buyer journey. In this age of digital buying every page needs to have a goal to help generate business for your company. Here is the content framework we use.

How does a solid home page help you outsourced sales?

Your home page is the front door to your house. A buyer will use it to quickly get to know you. If they can understand what you do and start to understand how you can help them you will have accomplished your goal. You simply want to make a solid first impression. In face Google and Microsoft Research both report that most people will look around for between 10 to 15 seconds or less and make a decision to leave or to look deeper into your website.

So, the buyer needs to quickly understand that you understand their needs and problems and how you could potentially help them. This needs to happen quickly.  If your home page engages potential buyers quickly this will help your lead scoring and your outsourced sales team.  successful your lead scoring

How are landing pages leveraged by your outsourced sales and marketing team?

Landing pages are pages that continue the sales story. They will typically contain information about 1 topic or one issue that proves to the buyer that you understand their pain. Landing pages are also used for inbound lead generation and content offers. So you need to design landing pages to be used by both your sales reps to share individual pieces of information like white papers, checklists of infographics. But it is also important that you design them to easily embed forms. So the copy should be short and succinct. The major goal for all your landing pages is to turn site visitors into leads or to turn cold call leads into sales accepted leads as they engage with content.

How outsource sales and marketing use microsites?

Microsites are designed to organize your content to make it easy for your buyer to buy. They are used when buyers are moving from problem identification to evaluating your solution. You are simply trying to make it easy for this buyer to have this conversation with you digitally. Think about organizing content on your microsite to provide access to all three stages of content on this page. When you do this, they become very powerful for lead scoring and automation technologies. If you are not familiar with lead scoring you can learn more about that in this blog post What is Lead Scoring?

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