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Why Outsourced Sales and Marketing Works

Why Outsourced Sales and Marketing Works

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How Outsourced Sales and Marketing Works to Keep You Focused on What Matters Most


Goethe shared the maxim “Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”

Vince Lombardi was a champion because he lived by the creed that “Success demands a singleness of purpose.”

And the greatest lesson Garry Keller learned when building one of the largest real estate agencies in the world in a little over a decade is this: “Multitasking is a lie…You can do two things at once, but you can’t focus effectively on two things at once.” In his book “The One” he makes a compelling and succinct argument for focus:

“Success demands singleness of purpose. You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects. It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world.” He goes on to state, “Passion for something leads to disproportionate time practicing or working at it. That time spent eventually translates to skill, and when skill improves, results improve. Better results generally lead to more enjoyment, and more passion and more time is invested. It can be a virtuous cycle all the way to extraordinary results.”

How does all this impact sales and demand generation for your business? It appears to be a daunting challenge. Especially when we all know that no “one thing” works in isolation to generate qualified sales opportunities because:

  • Cold Calling stopped working on its own because buyers simply pick up the phone less.
  • Email marketing is a great and cost effective way to generate early stage leads, but the leads then need to be nurtured, then prioritized to maximize your calling budget.
  • Email spam filters are making it harder to deliver messages without following best practices.
  • You need systems expertise and best practices to get the most from your CRM and marketing automation platforms.
  • LinkedIn is still valuable, but requires more focus because it is becoming cluttered and pushed as a marketing tool after it’s acquisition by Microsoft.
  • Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram work until they don’t, and are slowly embracing PPC business models to compete with Google, which is driving up costs of acquisition.
  • For all these marketing channels you need a consistent flow of quality and substantive video and digital content to educate buyers, improve your visibility on search engines and to generate leads.
  • Finally, success requires that you don’t get distracted by what you could do. With the proliferation of social media adoption and content marketing, there are quite simply too many choices; we are all flooded with the latest “magic bullet” daily. These distractions can have us chasing our tails, thinking about what we could do vs. what we should do.

There are no new magic bullets. Generating sales opportunities still requires sharing your truth authentically with substantive content using multiple methods. You then need to have conversations with buyers that are interested in speaking with you.  And these fundamental tactics work best if they are done simultaneously. Success requires hard work, done consistently for an extended period of time.

As John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach and owner of the most consecutive championships of any coach all time, puts it: “If you keep too busy learning the tricks of the trade, you may never learn the trade…I discovered early on that the player who learned the fundamentals of basketball is going to have a much better chance of succeeding and rising through the levels of competition than the player who has talent but doesn’t focus on developing fundamentals daily and was content to do things his own way.”

Picture12The challenge that many stretched executives face when they push through growth stages is, there are an infinite amount of things they “could” do to have a positive impact on their business.  And often the things they “could” do are more comfortable, sit in their core skill sets, more innovative and often more fun. As a result, the mundane (and frankly boring) fundamental tasks required on a regular basis for successful demand generation and growth start to slip through the cracks. At first, it happens occasionally. Long term some of these fundamental tasks are often neglected completely.

With all these moving parts, fundamental tasks and distractions, it’s no surprise executives and senior sales professionals trying to grow sales demand struggle. Lack of consistent focus on “should do” tasks creates inconsistent results, especially when the tasks are assigned to existing employees without the passion, experience or expertise.

Executives and employees often have the best intentions, but sales and marketing success requires a commitment a set of fundamental  demand generation tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For resources that are already stretched, these “should do” tasks quickly become interruptions and are reprioritized and turned into “could do” tasks.  And “could do” tasks are ignored for more primary responsibilities. Ultimately, demand generation is like athletic training – if you don’t put in the time, you don’t reap the benefits.

Because of distractions, inconsistent commitment to fundamental daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and a lack of focus, we see businesses across the country with great sales and marketing strategies, great stories to tell and great products, struggle to take sales to the next level.

When you work with an outsourced sales and marketing company, you can be confident and expect that your team will be passionately focused on one thing – putting qualified sales leads in your sales team’s funnel.

You can also expect that your outsourced sales and marketing team will focus on the following fundamental tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Your Content Marketing Team – Will help you turn your thought leadership into substantive content in multiple formats including; Articles, Checklists, Videos and Webcasts that:

  • Can be used for email marketing and lead nurturing in your automation systems
  • Can be leveraged for SEO and PPC
  • Can be leveraged by business development reps and sales reps to use as part of their sales processes
  • Can be shared on social media

And that content will be created in the right formats and distributed consistently at the right cadence to meet your specific competitive needs.

Your Email Marketing Lead Generation Team – Will source the best lists from vetted vendors to produce targets and leads to feed the top of your sales funnel with leads that can buy or influence the purchase of your product.

Your Inbound Marketing Team – Will focus on your PPC, SEO and Social Media results.

  • Your PPC resource will track your results weekly, and analyze your results monthly, to optimize campaigns incrementally when possible to ensure you maximize your budget.
  • They will create quality content that Google and your buyers appreciate and consistently optimize it for specific keywords to help you climb in natural search when possible.
  • They will consistently distribute your content in social media channels for additional exposure.

Your Marketing Database Admin and System Technologist – Will keep your system optimized to produce sales results and make sure your automation and CRM systems are running smoothly, ensuring your automation tools are scoring and prioritizing effectively for your callers.

Business Development Reps –  Your first touch callers:

  • They will call prioritized leads with call volume targets on a daily basis
  • They will start to build helpful relationships with potential buyers
  • They will conduct pre-qualification calls for need and potential interest
  • They will ask for an appointment with a senior rep when it makes sense

Sales Reps/Managers – Will move and steward deals through the funnel on a daily basis.

  • They will stay on top of the hottest leads
  • They will qualify for needs, budget process and decision making process
  • The will schedule appointment with sales engineers and your team’s senior resources
  • They will manage deals through the sales process to closing

Account Managers – Keep the entire team aligned and “Account”able for hitting targets and milestones.

  • They will ensure calling and conversion targets are intelligently set and met
  • They will ensure callers are focused on prioritizing calls correctly
  • The will keep the marketing team on track and on time producing the right content and filling the pipe with new leads at the right cadence
  • They will manage the feedback loops with your executive team so the right insights are shared and the right pivots are recommended

As John Wooden put it: 

 “The star of the team is the team and it takes ten hands to score a basket. Time lost is time lost. It’s gone forever. Some people tell themselves that they will work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for what they did not do today. If they work twice as hard tomorrow, then they should have also worked twice as hard today. That would have been their best.”

An outsourced sales and marketing team will allow your team to focus on what they do best. Because an outsourced sales and marketing team will consistently focus on the fundamental daily, weekly and monthly tasks required for your demand generations success.

About Gabriel Sales

Gabriel Sales specializes in helping SMBs and Start Ups launch modern sales and marketing operations and build successful and custom best practice strategies to consistently generate sales qualified leads. To learn more about our outsourced sales and marketing services, we invite you to visit our outsource sales and marketing services page.




How Outsourced Sales and Marketing Qualify Leads

How Outsourced Sales and Marketing Qualify Leads

Over the past several years, the lines between sales and marketing have been blurred. This is especially true when it comes to qualifying B2B leads. As an outsourced sales and marketing company, we see both good and bad B2B lead qualification processes. And with the new digital buyer, we believe that the most successful path to qualify leads is now a combination of sales and marketing working together to get the most from your sales and marketing budget.   We believe this is one area where considering an outsourced team may make sense. Here is how outsourced sales and marketing qualify leads.

Call B2B Leads Immediately

We all know that there are huge advantages to following up immediately. Buyers have short memories, so you need to strike while the iron is hot. If a call is made instantly after a webinar or a form fill, the buyer may not be ready to buy, but they will be more likely to answer a handful of initial qualification questions about time frame, budget, and why they’re interested. The added bonus is, if the buyer is ready to start evaluating vendors, the first several vendors to reach out will be at the front of the line and the likelihood of getting on their short list increases dramatically.

It is also important that when you get and inbound lead or generate an outbound lead, you immediately drop it into your marketing automation platform. This will keep you top of mind and allow the buyer to learn more about your company (and brand your company) on their own time – not on your caller’s time.

An outsourced sales and marketing company can provide the staff to help you stay on top of all inbound leads.

Understand who you’re qualifying

Do your homework. Research shows, only 2 out of 10 callers take the time to do even a minute or two of research prior to making a qualifying call. Take the time to understand whom you’re qualifying and what the company does.

This is especially true when calling senior executives. The more you demonstrate your knowledge about their company and industry, the more likely they’ll share information about their needs and challenges.

An outsourced sales company will already have the necessary tools and the trained staff to make researching the buyer easier and more cost efficient.

Be Smart About Whom You Call

Building a buyer persona and an ideal customer profile is now critical to getting the most out of your marketing and sales budget. If you hit the mark targeting the right industries and companies,  you’ve already qualified for the first level of fit.

Calling is the most expensive part of B2B lead qualification, so you need to focus on buyers and influencers most likely to buy. Today, you absolutely need to separate the buyers most likely to buy, so you can focus your time on these buyers first, and the easiest way to do this is to use your marketing automation platform to score the buyers most engaged with your digital content.

Outsourced sales and marketing qualify leads faster because they will have a blended team in place that can target correctly, acquire databases faster, and have the automation best practice expertise to help you use your marketing automation to score leads more effectively.

You No Longer Need to Qualify Immediately

BANT is dead. If a potential buyer doesn’t have the budget and authority immediately, it doesn’t mean the lead is dead – it simply means it may take more time to qualify. If a prospect has the need, you can now drop them into your automation campaigns, and over time, as their interest starts to grow, the timeline and budget will start to appear.

Not to state the obvious, but new leads need to be prioritized, but only 10% of qualified leads convert into immediate sales. Granted, there is tremendous gratification in that, but 90% of your B2B leads now take time to develop, which often requires a combination of continued marketing and occasional phone calls. Keep leads in your system until they opt out.

About Gabriel Sales Outsourced Sales and Marketing

Gabriel Sales build modern sales and marketing operation for small businesses and startup.  We use best outsourced sales and marketing practices and modern sales and marketing to qualify leads and run intergrated sales and marketing campaigns to build a consistent flow of quality leads.

Repeatable Outsourced Sales Process


To learn more about our outsourced sales and marketing  and decide if this may be the right approach for you please visit our new approach to outsourced sales page.


Outsourced Sales Product Launch

Outsourced Sales Product Launch

In this accelerating and highly competitive business environment, innovation is critical for continued growth. As Bob Dylan aptly wrote, “Those not busy being born are busy dying.” In some cases, this is adding additional services for existing clients; while in other cases, this can mean a new product launch.

When your new product is ready to launch, you have a decision to make. You can give the product to your existing sales team, but this may distract them from staying focused on your core business. Or you may consider hiring a new sales rep – or multiple sales reps; however, the challenge with this approach is that hiring and training a new sales team that understands the market takes time and costs money. And with everything else surrounding a new product launch, most executives will already have a great deal on their plate.

This is when considering an outsourced sales product launch may make sense. An outsourced sales product launch will have the following key advantages:

  • Quick and effective go to market strategy – an outsourced sales company will be able to work with your executives to craft a go to market strategy.
  • Content production support – an outsourced sales company can recommend and cover gaps in the content required to take a new product to market.
  • No recruiting costs – you can tap into a blended team of sales and marketing professionals, reducing the costs of launching your new product.
  • Faster to market – with a team ready to go you will get to market faster, giving you a competitive advantage or keeping a competitor within distance.
  • No hiring and training new salespeople – you will not need to spend valuable time training a team.
  • Sales experts who can help you hone your strategy – an outsourced sales company will have a team that knows how to work together and how to communicate and share new strategies that may help your business as they’ll know what sales and marketing tactics work best.
  • Tools for measuring success – an outsourced sales company that specializes in running new product launches will understand how to implement CRM and Marketing Automation Systems. Furthermore, they will be able to run these tools in parallel, or they can help you to refine your existing tools to measure the key metrics for success, so you get smarter faster.
  • Lower cost to test multiple lead generation tactics – an outsourced sales company will be able to run multiple types of campaigns simultaneously, including:
    • email campaigns to generate leads and build awareness
    • PPC campaigns to generate leads and build awareness
    • Cold Calling campaigns to generate leads from your most important targets
    • Marketing automation campaigns to develop and score leads
    • Follow up calling campaigns to qualify leads and set appointments

About Gabriel Sale Outsourced Sales Product Launch

If you aren’t sure how to effectively build a strategy or launch a campaign for a new product, an outsourced sales company may help get you to market faster and more effectively at a lower cost. Many companies have pursued this strategy effectively in the past. You can learn more about Gabriel Sales outsourced sales results from our outsourced sales case studies.

Gabriel Sales provides sales outsourcing and marketing services to help Start Ups and SMBs modernize their sales and marketing operations. To learn more about our approach to helping companies address the new digitally-driven buyer, you can also check out our About Us page.


How B2B Sales Outsourcing Lead Generation Works in 2017

2017 has gotten off to a solid start for most B2B companies and the economy is continuing to gain momentum quarter after quarter.  So what company would’t want to have more qualified sales opportunities every month. Even with the economy headed the right direction, almost every sales executive and sales rep we speak with can still handle more quality sales appointments. In fact, when surveyed at the end of 2016, my Marketing Profs generating and setting appointments with qualified opportunities continues to be the number one focus of most small businesses trying to scale. It’s also become one of the most challenging parts of the sales process for similar reason at most small businesses:

  • Buyers have so many lead gen reps approaching them daily, it’s harder and harder for a sales person to break through and connect.
  • Sales reps don’t have the time required for generation leads on a daily basis
  • Prospects require sales reps to share quality content once they do connect
  • More and more buyers are educating themselves online, trying to avoid talking to a sales rep until they are well educated – prospects are doing so much of the fact-finding on their own. They are looking for ideas, suggestions, and resources online, and not even involving a sales person at that stage of their journey.

What would happen to your revenue growth if you had a consistent flow of leads coming into your organization on a monthly and weekly and basis? And what if these leads were prioritized, so if your closers or Sales Development Reps had limited bandwidth, they could call the buyers most likely to be interested first.

This is now possible by integrating sales and marketing functions to run sales and marketing campaigns. It is not a magic bullet; it takes hard work, but the idea is simple. A B2B sales outsourcing can help you do the hard work.  A B2B sales outsourcing and marketing company can help you take the information that used to be exclusively be  shared by a sales rep and a sales engineer early in the sales process and create digital content that in effect clones that sales process. You then need to share the content with your buyers in multiple ways. In doing this, buyers can find your information online, or you can share it in email campaigns, or your sales development reps can share with the buyers early in the sales conversation.

Granted the concept is not a new one.  You use marketing to attract buyers, but the way you now have to put all the pieces together is more important than ever. . Here are 5 steps you need to take to generate more leads on your own or with a B2B sales outsourcing partner:

Map Your Sales Process and Your Buyers Journey – Document every step in your sales process. Document each step in your Buyer’s Journey. Create a content map of the questions and information you share at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Create Content to Share Your Expertise. Commit to creating digital content that replicates the information needed for the buyer journey. Use a combination of head shot videos, screencast videos, short webcasts, blogs and checklists.  A B2B Sales outsourcing company like Gabriel Sales can run a content production workshop to help you create enough content for three to six months of your initial effort over a quick several day period. Long-term (after you get through your first wave of content), you will need to be prepared to continue to create two to four additional pieces of content per quarter.

Share the Content through a Marketing Automation Platform – Start sending content on a regular basis with a marketing automation platform.

Score the Leads –  Use the marketing automation to score lead engagement with the content you send and any other content they find on their own on your website.

Share Content as Part of Your Calling Efforts –  Have a piece of content to share when you cold call. Sharing is caring and you will generate more early stage leads this way.

Share it in social media – You can publish directly on LinkedIn, and push through Twitter, as well as host videos on your website and in your YouTube channel. And don’t forget about Google+.

When your prospects see you as an expert who can add real value, they will be happy to take your call and meet with you. And with scored leads, you can prioritize the buyers most likely to buy.

About Gabriel  Sales B2B Sales Outsourcing

Gabriel Sales helps companies transform their sales and marketing with:

  • Sales Consulting
  • Outsourced Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Automation Systems Implementation

To learn more about our philosophy and how we may be able to help we invite you to visit our About Us page.  Or you can check out our outsourced sales and marketing services here


Key Outsourced Sales and Marketing Metrics

Why are Marketing Metrics so important for success? Athletes have known the answer for years. Quite simply, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. This is why of the six teams leading early in the 2017 MLB season, five are advocates of the data-driven systems advocated in Michael Lewis’s, Moneyball.

Over the past ten years, we have seen data transform the way businesses are run – and sales and marketing are no different. You can use data to help you to improve what is working, remove what is not working, and make smarter business decisions in the future. Capturing this data is one of the key drivers of the recent adoption of CRMs like Salesforce.com, and Marketing Automation Systems. It’s also why working with an outsourced sales company may be a smart move for many companies because they can help them capture key outsourced sales and marketing metrics.

So how does all this impact your business? In sales, like sports, consistent wins don’t happen by accident. Repeatable results are driven by repeatable math—numbers that define your sales team’s past performance will predict future performance.

Here are the key outsourced sales and marketing metrics you can expect from an outsourced sales company.

Outbound Calling Metrics

The first key metric an outsourced sales and marketing company can help with is, how much outbound activity does it take to generate a lead. An outsourced sales company will measure the results of every call and track the connection ratios (how many calls does it take to get a person on the phone). Your outsourced sales reps will also track how many calls result in someone that is mildly interested in your solution, and willing to accept Marketing Material (Marketing Qualified Lead – MQL), and how many buyers have a potential need for your product (Sales Accepted Lead – SAL)

In most cases, cold calling alone may not be the most effective way to generate leads and you will understand these metrics clearly. Below is a chart of the cold calling metrics you can expect from an outsourced sales company.

Email Lead Generation Metrics

Marketing Sherpa found, 70 percent of buyers now prefer to learn about new products and services from email first.  For about the cost of a cold caller for one month, you can now make 25,000 to 75,000 potential buyers and influencers aware of your solution. What is important from a data perspective is, you can also test up to nine different messages as part of these campaigns. The key outsourced sales and marketing metrics in this case will be:

  • What messages and subject lines resonate most in the market
  • What offers were most engaging

This information can help you to determine:

  • What messages your callers should focus on
  • What content should you create to help digitally educate your buyer
Key Outsourced Sales and Marketing Metrics Scorecard

Outsourced Sales and Marketing Metrics

Building a consistent flow of leads is the most critical first step in scaling a sales effort. But if you’re over spending or underspending on your lead generation efforts, you will not be keeping your closers’ (your most expensive sale cost) time maximized. A scorecard will tell you:

  • How much and what type of activity is required to generate a lead
  • How much outbound activity is required to generate a single qualified sales opportunity
  • How many of those opportunities will result in a proposal
  • How many proposal does it take to win a deal

Gabriel Sales Provides outsourced sales and marketing metrics

Gabriel Sales specializes in helping SMBs and Start-ups launch modern sales and marketing operations. As part of building, launching, and executing sales campaigns to fill your closers sales funnel, we provide key outsourced sales and marketing metrics. To learn more about our outsourced sales and marketing services we invite you to visit our outsource sales and marketing services page.


B2B Sales Outsourcing Lead Generation Tactics

B2B Sales Outsourcing Lead Generation Tactics

Having useful B2B lead generation tactics is one of the top sales challenges facing many small business that want to grow their sales revenue. And generating a consistent flow of leads is critical in a competitive market. To grow the sales of a solution, establish or maintain a competitive advantage to thrive in today’s sales environment, which requires innovative approaches and hard work.

This is where a B2B sales outsourcing solution may be able to help. A B2B sales outsourcing company can assist you in framing and executing the most current and effective campaigns using modern sales and marketing operations. This will allow you to move faster, implementing the right research, lead generation techniques, and technologies. Your sales team can focus on selling, while your B2B sales outsourcing partner can focus on sustained and consistent lead generation to improve your sales results and help you meet your sales revenue targets.

With so many possible tactics available right now, your B2B sales outsourcing team will help you select the best direction for your business.. The following lead generation tactics are some of the options that will now be at your company’s disposal.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is now a requirement for lead generation success. Over 70% of buyers now prefer to learn about new products or solutions with educational information shared through email. You can share this content through social media campaigns, email-marketing campaigns, and with cold callers on first calls.

Over time, a bonus effect of quality content will enable you to slowly start moving to a higher and higher position in search engine results. A B2B sales outsourcing lead generation company like Gabriel Sales will be able to help you craft educational content that your buyers will enjoy in a short, one to two day content workshop.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have your quality content, you can share that content on social media. For most B2B companies, we recommend starting slowly and saving your best content for social media. The two most effective tools for B2B campaigns are LinkedIn and Twitter (in that order). It is also helpful to share that same content on Facebook and Google +.  Google+ is very helpful to improve search engine results.

Email Marketing to Generate a New B2B Leads

Email marketing is all about communicating through a structured email to generate leads and establish a relationship with potential clients. A B2B sales outsourcing lead generation company will be able to help you navigate through multiple vendors to target as many as 75,000 potential targets for about the fully-loaded costs of one sales development rep for one month. This will typically generate 2000 to 4000 early stage leads.

Email Marketing to Develop and Prioritize B2B Leads 

One of the most significant developments in sales and marketing over the past decade is marketing automation platforms. Marketing automation allows you to share your thought leadership to develop trust and stay top of mind with consumers that are not quite ready to buy.  These same tools also allow you to score leads and predict their readiness to buy based on the content they are engaging with. A B2B sales outsourcing company will be able to help you implement these campaigns and technologies the right way the first time with planned lead generation tactics.

B2B Sales Outsourcing Calling Team

Finally, a lead is only valuable if it turns into an appointment. The days of old school smile and dial and throwing bodies on the phone to generate more leads is over.  A B2B sales outsourcing company will be able to help you immediately staff a trained team of sales development reps that understand how to use content and marketing automation the most effective way possible to set appointments for your closers.

About Gabriel Sales B2B Sales Outsourcing Lead Generation Tactics

We specialize in helping SMBs and start-ups build modern sales and marketing operations. To learn more about our lead generation tactics and how we now view the sales challenges B2B companies now face and how we solve them we invite you to check out our new approach to outsourced sales page or visit our B2B sales outsourcing lead generation starter campaign page.