How to Use Modern Marketing for More Sales From Trade Shows

Make Every Lead Count!

90% of trade show attendees are looking for new solutions, and 87% of those attendees purchase a new solution within 6 months of the event. But 60% of companies do nothing to fill the booth, and they never follow-up with 85% of their leads. Watch video and check out articles below to learn:

  • How to fill the booth
  • Increase meetings by 4X
  • Never miss an opportunity

How to Drive More Booth Traffic

According to data from the CMO Council, Fortune 2000 and large companies are much more effective in how they allocate resources and approach trade show lead generation through booth traffic. However, according to Exhibitor Magazine, less than 60% of SMB companies have a plan to fill the booth traffic goals prior to the event. And 70% don’t have any systematic follow up strategy post-event. As a result, 70% of leads from the show are ignored. Read More

Smart Follow Up = More Opportunities

With a little incremental investment and a systematic and sustained effort post-show, most companies can generate dozens of additional sales qualified opportunities to increase both the volume and revenue amount in their sales pipeline by as much as 4X.   What follows are simple to follow best practices you can implement to focus your team on developing, qualifying and generating more sales opportunities after the show. Read More