Web Technology and Managed Services

Sales Operations Outsourcing and Sales Consulting Case Study for Web Technology and Managed Services Provider

Selling To: Directors of Marketing, Small Business Owners, Creative Directors of Small and Medium Sized Business

Challenge: A small company had two years of declining revenue. The original founders decided to part ways. Gabriel Sales’ client retained ownership of mid-sized business clients and the web technology software, architecture and engineering teams. The second founder spun off a graphic design company. The new entities executive’s core competency was sales but he needed to focus on rebuilding operations and maintaining strategic partnerships.  Was looking for quick operational support.


  1. Lead Generation and Inside Sales Outsourcing-Gabriel Sales staffed lead generation and inside sales staff trained by founder to fill the pipe and close basic service offering.
  2. Sales Consulting and New Product Launch-Gabriel Sales examined existing infrastructure and service offering and identified an internal self-publishing tool that could be sold as a stand alone offering
  3. Part Time Inside Sales Staffing -Gabriel Sales dedicated a telemarketer to focus on the new product offering, packaged and staffed an inside sales representative to generate blended technology and service offering deals for founder to close.


  • From a universe of 2000 targets, Gabriel Sales contacted 500 new prospects and past clients to introduce the new entity.
  • GS provided an infrastructure including a cleaned up data base, created a sales training manual then recruited and transitioned team back in house once founder had dealt with reorganizing and building internal operations
  • Company retained 90% of clients. Gabriel Sales closed 3  new deals in a 4-month period and passed 20 plus prospects  for additional development by founder and transitioned team (7 closed within 6 months)

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