Most companies are aware that an outsourced sales company can help them recruit, hire, and train sales and marketing talent. This allows them to get to market faster than building a team on their own.


You should expect and an outsourced sales and marketing execution company to help you generate leads and qualify sales opportunities to help you hit your revenue, market penetration, and sales targets.


However, if you are a startup or small business, you should also expect your outsourced sales company to act as a strategic partner to support your executives’ goals to increase shareholder value by increasing the value of your company.


Here are five ways that an outsourced sales company can help you provide strategic value that increases the value of your business.


An outsourced sales company should make your more agile – Market insights are critical to sustain sales growth. Your outsourced sales partner will implement feedback loops that provide you feedback on what markets are most interested in your solution, what buyers and decision makers do you help the most, what messages and story are resonating with audiences and what types of content are they most interested in.

An outsourced sales company should lead to predictable sales – The faster you can forecast, the faster you can grow your business. You should expect an outsourced sales company to provide data that will help you to measure conversion metrics at every stage of your sales funnel. Better conversion data will allow you to make smarter investment decisions in both the short term and the long term.

An outsourced sales company will help you build for scalability – Nothing is more painful than building sales momentum and then hitting the wall. An outsourced sales company allows you to scale sales and marketing operations in the areas you need at the right time. In addition, an outsourced sales company will craft a repeatable sales and marketing process that you can add resources to in weeks.

An outsourced sales company will be able to benchmark your results – Outsourced sales companies will have years of data and experience executing across multiple tactics, to multiple verticals and multiple decision makers. They will be able to provide insights where there is opportunities for improvement, and where your ratios and results are predictive of success.


An outsourced sales company will be able to guide your technology decisions – Over the past several years there have been a proliferation of tools and technologies for marketing automation, social media marketing, and customer relationship management. Each and every product has pros and cons based on the size of your deals, the velocity of your sales, and the number of sales reps and volume of leads you will need to manage. An outsourced sales company will help you to maximize your investments and make sure you make the right investment at the right level when you need it and not before you need it.


If you need assistance scaling your company’s revenue, building modern sales and marketing automation or just need to put more sales qualified leads in your closer’s sales funnel Gabriel Sales may be able to help. To learn more about our approach to outsourced sales we invite you to check out our outsourced sales services page.