best practices in salesIn 2013, the world of sales belongs to the customer. Buyers now have control of the many aspects of the sales process and want to educate themselves for a large portion of the buying cycle. Best practices in sales are now focused on getting your customer the information they need, however they want it.

Here are 3 best practices in sales in 2013:

  1. Give your buyer everything they need to take themselves through their own education.

Todays buyer’s are much more independent than in the past and want to learn about products and services on their own.  You therefore need to have everything buyers need to know about your product or service readily availably in an online format. Modern buyers love ease and transparency, so make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Use simple clear navigation on your homepage and make sure your value proposition is immediately clear.

2.  Selling is only for the close. Offer value until then.

We generally like people who help us solve the problems we face. We generally hate salesmen. Apply this to your sales process by offering your prospects value in the form of informative blog posts, educational white papers and well-produced videos. If you are the one who has helped your prospects through the early stages of the sales process—discovery and education—then there is a good chance they will come back when they are ready to buy.

3.  Get your customer to talk about you.

Recent industry reports are showing customer testimonials as one of the most effective marketing tactics today. You can get great feedback from customers by sending out short surveys or asking them personally. Showcase your positive feedback on your website and over social media. LinkedIn has an option on company pages to request recommendations from your customers.

For more best practices in sales in 2013 , click here. If you would like to know more about how the rules of selling and buying have changed and what to do to adapt, you can download our white paper called, “New Rules for Sales and Marketing in 2013”.

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