The Digital First Transformation and Its Impact on B2B Buyers,   Sellers and Successful Sales and Marketing Operations

Part 1 in our Digital First Transformation Series

In this video we share everything the you need to know about the Digital First B2B Buyer and how you can take advantage of this opportunity to automate your pre-sales process to provide your sales team with a sustained flow of well educated buyers.  We also briefly introduce Digital Demand Center™ – a solution designed specifically to help small businesses, medium sized businesses and new products and solutions compete effectively for the modern buyer.

Topics Covered in this Educational Video Include:

  • How “Digital First” Happened
  • The Impact on and Transformation of the B2B Buyer
  • The Impact on the B2B Sales Process
  • The Changed Role and Function of the SDR
  • 7 Key Digital First Transformation Drivers
  • Challenge Digital First Sales Creates for the Seller
  • How Digital Demand Center™ Helps