b2b headshot video of executiveCreating successful B2B marketing videos is not like creating a Hollywood blockbuster.  The best technical production in the world will not get you anywhere if your content is irrelevant.  They key to digital marketing with videos is to provide your customer with something they actually want to watch.

Here are some ideas for the types of content you can put in your B2B marketing videos:

  • Repurposed television commercials
  • In-depth discussions about specific products or services
  • Post-purchase information
  • Case Studies

We have found the most effective videos for B2B sales to fit into one or more of the three following categories:

  • Informative:
    • Many B2B blogs are centered around giving your reader some type of information.  What type of information you give and how you present it can vary, as long as it remains relevant to your reader.  Some companies chose a more news-based format, with a prominent employee talking about industry related happenings.  Others instead give in-depth discussions of the company or a specific product or service.  The most important thing to remember with informative videos is that they must have content your reader wants.
  • Educational:
    • An educational video should aim to be instructive or to teach something to your viewer.  Rather than giving out general industry information, you should teach your viewer in a ‘how to’ type format.  Show your viewer, in a step-by-step style, how to do something that is relevant and helpful to them.  This format is most useful when showing your customer how to use your product or service.
  • Entertaining:
    • While people are willing to be informed and educated about your company, they would much rather be entertained.  This is why entertaining videos are usually the most viewed and are the most likely to go viral.  However, what is entertaining to people is not easy to gauge.  One person may be rolling on the floor laughing over what another finds offensive.  While it is much easier to simply inform or educate, if you can successfully entertain, you will grab many more eyes.

What is common among these three formats is that each gives the viewer something they want.  Your video should provide something of value to them because if it does not, what reason does your viewer have to watch or share what you have given them?

Once you have crafted your video using one or more of the above formats, you should download it to YouTube.  You can create a channel on YouTube for your company, so that all of your videos are aggregated in one place and are easy to find.  While there are other video sites you can use, YouTube will get you more views and visibility than any of them.

For more information on B2B marketing videos, please reach out to us at Gabriel Sales.  You can find our contact information here.