This article is a quick overview of the step by step process we go through as an outsource sales team to build an effective and impactful targeting and messaging strategy for companies that leverage us as an outsource sales team and marketing partner, and for marketing automation implementations.

Building this Ideal Customer Profile with an outsource sales and marketing company can help you to accelerate your strategy.

If you have not read what is an Ideal Customer Profile you can find it here.  But as a quick recap it is a profile that allows you to determine, based on hard and soft criteria, what type of buyers:

  • Have the greatest need for your product
  • Will transact the most quickly
  • Will help you to drive sustained revenue

An Ideal Customer Profile allows your outsource sale partner to find and target your potential customers based on a number of hard criteria related to both the company and the specific decision maker type.

Step 1

During an outsource sales team and marketing launch our first step is to research the size of the market.  This is a critical step because as an outsource sales and marketing company we need to understand if the market is large enough to even merit targeting.  We typically share information that details:

  • Number of Companies in the vertical segment
  • Number of companies that can be reached by direct dial phone calls
  • Number of opt in emails we can access

Step 2

We run a Buyer Journey Workshop.  During that Buyer Journey Workshop we will walk through each step of 5 to 10 deals that our outsource sales client has closed: We then highlight:

  • The decision makers that need to be engaged
  • The influencers that need to be engaged

What we typically discover is that there are generally a specific set of decision makers and influencers that consistently have a need for your product and have the ability to drive that decision forward.  So we know where to focus our efforts based on:

  • Title and Level of Contact
  • Functional Area
  • Annual Revenue and Number of Employees
  • Vertical Market
  • Functional Area

Step 3

We combine the information from Part 1 and Part 2 and decide on a finite market to target based on:

  • Number of potential buyers
  • The needs those buyers have your product
  • Your ability to reach that market

And these buyer become the Ideal Customer Profile where we focus your outsource sales and marketing efforts.

An Ideal Customer Profile is (in the words of Steven Covey) allows an outsource sales and marketing company to “Start with the end in mind” focusing all of your investment on targeting buyers that will drive the right type of deals for your business so you:

  • Find customers that will transact
  • Close at a higher volume
  • At the right price point
  • Eliminate customers that do not scale or take too much time to service
  • Increase your profitability
  • Create a focus that drives sales and marketing alignment

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