Outsource Sales and Score Leads to Increase Sales Capacity

A consistent sales funnel now requires using all tactics at your disposal including:

  • Content marketing
  • eMail Marketing
  • Business development reps
  • Sales reps

Repeatable Outsourced Sales Process

And for some small businesses this can be a challenge because of lack of capacity. When you work with an outsource sales and marketing lead gen company to help you fill your sales funnel you can expect them to use both content marketing tactics and outsource sales reps.  The marketing team and the outsource sales reps will be aligned around the goal of putting the right information, the right educational content offer and the right sales offer in front of the buyer at the right time.

Here is how an aligned outsource sales and marketing company will be able to help you modernize your sales and marketing operations to put more leads in your closer’s sales funnel:

One – Create content for all stages of your buyer’s journey and your sales funnel

Your content needs to be designed to be used at each stage of your buyer’s journey.  When a potential company visits your website you need to make it easy for your buyer to buy with the following framework.

sales automation outsourcing sales content framework

As our customer centric outsource sales and marketing framework above details you need to be aware that there are multiple stages in your buyer’s journey.  And there are also many type of content formats that can be used.   A blend of formats will meet the needs of multiple buyers preferences.  It will also enable you to redistribute the content across different tactics like PPC,  social media and email marketing campaigns.  The same content can also be used by your outsource sales buyer development reps.

Your outsource marketing team will be able to help you produce the content you need for lead generation and lead qualification success.


Two – Align outsource sales and marketing efforts to share that content

Sales and marketing need to have a shared goal of moving deals from initial interest to close and this means they need to collectively work together to share your content and qualify opportunities.

Your marketing team needs to generate leads as cost effectively as possible by sharing content in social media, PPC campaigns and email marketing campaigns.  And then using a marketing automation software to continue to nurture the leads and map your buyer’s digital footprint to score the leads for your outsource sales and business development reps.

Your outsource sales reps should then be able to share the same content and later stage content like video demos and FAQs with the buyer.  This will help make it easy for the buyer to buy and it will save time for your business development reps so they can increase their call volume and share your content with even more buyers.

Three – Give your outsource sales and marketing team a shared scorecard

As a big fan of Steven Covey we believe that you need to “Start with The End in Mind”.  The goals for both your teams should always be to put more sales qualified leads that ultimately transact into your closer’s sales funnel.   To that end we have developed this outsourced sales and marketing scorecard that will keep your team focused on this goal and all the steps required to get to that goal.

outsource sales and marketing scorecard

Gabriel Sales helps start-up companies and small businesses committed to growth build modern sales and marketing operations by supplying a blended team to augment both sales and marketing capacity and capability gaps.

outsourced sales team


To learn more about how we build these sales engines please visit our page that outlines our new approach to outsource sales and marketing.