b2b sales tacticIn the B2B sales world, marketing videos are becoming more and more popular as a B2B sales tactic.

While there are many different types of B2B sales videos you can make, it is good to start by considering what you want the video to do (entertain, build brand awareness, etc.). As a B2B sales and marketing outsourcing company, we have found that “headshot” videos of your top executive/s can help move prospects through the sales cycle while simultaneously making your entire sales process more efficient.

Here are three advantages to using headshot videos of your top executive/s as a B2B sales tactic:

1.  It makes your prospect feel more comfortable.

Most executives are experts in one thing or another, and experts love talking to other experts to bounce ideas around and troubleshoot. Executives love talking to other executives because they share a certain type of understanding and perspective in regards to what really matters.  For example, executives think about things like P&L and margins in ways that junior salesmen have not yet considered. When a prospect sees that they are in agreement with your executive’s way of thinking, you are one step closer to closing.

During your B2B sales cycle, you can offer an onDemand video of your top executive speaking about the problems you solve for your customers to facilitate that experience of understanding for your prospect in a digital format.  Simply by watching a short video, your prospect feels like they have been able to pick your executive’s brain enough to speak intelligently about your product or solution.

2.  You can address objections digitally.

Headshot videos of your executive are also valuable in addressing objections digitally. When selling any type of product or service, the same type of objections are likely to come up over and over again.  By having your executives address these objections in onDemand videos, your prospect feels like you understand their concerns, and your salesperson doesn’t have to explain the same thing over and over again. This can be especially useful for high-level objections that require technical expertise or explanation beyond the knowledge of a junior salesman.

3.  Everyone spends their time more efficiently.

The most important advantage of creating headshot videos of your executive is time efficiency.  For most B2B business owners, their business is like their ‘baby’; they love it and could talk about it all day and night. Unfortunately, that is not an effective B2B sales tactic as your executive’s time is expensive and could be spent better elsewhere. By filming your executive’s pitch and sharing it with prospects digitally, your executive can instead have a one-to-many conversation—saving huge amounts of valuable time.

Using a marketing automation platform, these type of executive headshot videos can also make your entire sales process run more smoothly. When you send or share your videos with prospects, your marketing automation platform will tell you which prospects watched what videos. This way, you will know where each prospect is at in terms of discovery and education, so you know when to bring in the executive to help with the close.  This saves both your executive and your salesmen from wasting time in meetings with prospects who are not educated or not looking to buy yet.

In summary, headshot videos of your executive can be extremely useful for your prospects, your executives and your salespeople. Your prospects love them because they get high-level education from someone who shares their business perspective. Your executives love them because they no longer have to give the same pitch or address the same objections over and over again. Finally, your salespeople love them because they help push prospects further along the sales cycle while also giving visibility into when to bring in the executive to close.

If you would like more information on using video for B2B marketing, click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.