Audits and Optimization

Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

Are You Getting the Most from Your Marketing Automation Tech Stack and Salesforce?

Salesforce and Account Engagement

Are you getting everything you can from your Salesforce, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot), Marketing Cloud, and marketing tech stack investments? Do you even know what’s possible? Have you missed integrations? Can you get more insights from your data?

Our team of Salesforce Admins, Marketing Automation Specialists and Database Managers answer these question every day.

The power and possibilities of your marketing tech stack and CRM continue to expand allowing companies to increase automation, campaign performance and insights to enables marketing teams of all shapes and sizes to produce stronger and faster sales funnels to enable sales to close more business.

Salesforce & Pardot Implementations

Technology Optimizations

Dashboards Created

Automated Campaigns

Scored Leads

What, How and Why Faster Results Are Possible

Our Proven Processes and Experienced Team Ensures You Maximize Your Tech Investments

We offer complimentary discovery audits to help you understand where you are and what’s possible. This includes a 30 to 60 minute session to understand where you are and where you want to be, and a survey of your existing implementations.

  • Peer Benchmarks
  • Process Gaps
  • Technical Gaps
  • Recommendations
  • Prioritized Road Map
  • Preliminary Budget

Optimization Strategy and Tactics – Where it’s Possible

According to Gartner only 16% of companies are leveraging their CRM and Marketing Automation tools above 60% of their technical capabilities and capacity. And not unexpectedly, these companies make up the top 92% of performance. They also drive 451% more sales ready leads. 


More Sales Ready Leads


More Real Sales Opportunities


Per Deal Revenue Increase

Closed Deals

To help businesses capture the full potential of optimized marketing automation, here are just some of the tactics, tasks, best practices and technical expertise we provide to accelerate your funnel. We can:

Improve workflow to attract and capture more leads

Implement best practice nurturing workflows to double the volume of your sales ready leads
Set up lead scoring and triggered campaigns to convert more leads
Increase automation to further reduce repetitive tasks for even more time savings

Create dashboards and key reporting to monitor performance so you understand whats working

Ensure the most advantageous features and integrations are being utilized

Improve Salesforce views for increased sales production
Increase insights for improved decision making
Lifecycle tracking for increased attribution
Improve hand off from marketing to sales to enable sales with increased efficiency and production
Sales automation campaigns to make it easier for the buyer to buy

Improve sales forecasting

Establish governance for consistent auditing 

A Blended Team of Experienced, Skilled and Proven Experts – How it’s Possible?

Successful sales enablement and marketing automation requires professionals that understand the frontline day-to-day needs of both sales and marketing. And technical specialists with expertise in multiple technologies. Gabriel Sales can provide all three.

Our senior management team has deep frontline quota carrying sales experience and has used CRMs on a daily basis to sell better. This experience also extends to deep marketing domain expertise working with startups to the Fortune 500, so we can strategically help maximize your investment at any stage of marketing maturity.

Your strategist is supported by a blended team of Certified Salesforce Admins, marketing automation specialists, marketing managers and database administrators. Teams are assembled based on your specific needs and gaps to ensure success in every area required to accelerate your performance. Staffing and services levels are based on your companies’ specific needs, goals and campaign volumes.

  • Senior Strategists
  • Executive Oversight and Project Management
  • Governance Oversight
  • Salesforce Admins
  • Salesforce Managers
  • Pardot Admins
  • Pardot Managers
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Account Engagement Managers

Additional Services

We Make it Easy to Accelerate Your Sales Funnel in Multiple Ways

Marketing Managed Services

Staff Marketing Automation specialists to execute the day to day of your marketing automation and database management

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Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your marketing performance, track your customer lifecycle, score attribution and improve your forecasting ​

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Pardot and Salesforce Training

Access our online courses or customized training to help your team learn how to leverage your systems and technology

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Salesforce Implementation

Access frontline sales experts and Certified Salesforce Admins to enable your sales team to build their funnels faster

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Pardot Implementations

Leverage a proven team of automation, demand gen & sales experts. Get it right the first time for faster revenue production

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Lead Scoring & Sales Automation

Drive your leads deeper into their journey and convert well educated buyers with sales automation campaigns and lead scoring

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CRM & Automation Migrations

Need to step up your systems and migrate from MailChimp, Constant Contact or HubSpot? We make it fast and efficient​

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Sales Automation Content Production

Make it easier for your buyer to buy and automate your pre-sales education with a variety of videos and thought leadership content​​

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Sales & Marketing Strategy

Experts help you craft strategies, build technical road maps, engineer campaigns and craft content that accelerates sales

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Turnkey Lead Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing

Are you a B2B company that wants to outsource fully managed Demand Gen start to finish? We make a full funnel process easy and affordable​

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