marketing automation auditIf I were given 90 minutes to do a marketing automation audit, here would be my six areas of focus:


  • Find segments to dynamically create targeted lists
  • Archive lists not in use
  • Consolidate overlapping lists
  • Make sure auto-tagging rules are enabled for simplified segmentation

Content automation triggers:

  • Confirm that all forms have an active auto responder with related copy and an additional call to action
  • Check that a drip sequence is in place and active (where applicable)
  • See that rules are in place to send related follow-up pieces when a specific content asset is viewed

Lead scoring/grading:

  • Examine pages by content stage and assign appropriate scores
  • Review existing scoring to make sure score changes portray accurate interest/buying signals
  • Inspect buyer persona profiles to make sure grading is correctly assigned


  • Check all 3rd party integrations are properly setup and functioning
  • Investigate CRM fields that need custom field mapping to the Marketing Automation software and could provide valuable data for enhanced segmentation
  • Recommend additional integrations that enhance prospect experience and provide additional intelligence to sales and marketing


  • Look at performance and respective content (e.g. email, social, landing pages) and suggest conversion optimization enhancements

Internal Automation:

  • View all form actions to make sure sales and marketing are notified in real-time of hot prospects
  • Survey sales team to make sure they’re using real-time tools to analyze prospects

Completing these sixteen steps during a marketing automation audit would absolutely enhance your experience with marketing automation software and better guarantee that you are effectively executing your lead generation, demand generation and sales efforts.

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